Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association

Kayak fishing provides some unique features and experiences that make the sport fun and exciting. This club was founded as a way for kayak anglers in the upper midwest, to meet and share information with each other.

MN Kayak Fishing Member Signup LinkThe mission of the MNKFA is to facilitate information sharing and ways for kayak anglers to meet

What types of info will be shared? Reviews on equipment, fishing hot spots, bait, lures, species specific tips, tournaments, we want our users to create, debate and add conversations and content. As kayak fishing enthusiasts we share some unique differences that set us apart. We use a niche type of boat that is powered by human energy. We experience the water and fish we catch in a very close, intimate way. We can get to fishing spots that others cannot since our boats are more portable and able to get in to skinny water conditions. We make custom modifications to our boats to suit our unique fishing style and capabilities.

Our fishing experience is unique due to the class of boats we use. The Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association is being formed as way for us to easily share the unique things that are of interest to kayak fishing people and make it easy to meet other kayak anglers.

Who can join?

YOU! There are no age limits. All men, women and children are welcome. It doesn’t matter what type of fish you prefer to catch (okay…fish for :)). It doesn’t matter what type of equipment you use. This effort is grass-roots and we want the entire spectrum of people, equipment and tips represented. When you sign up you will be added to our list to receive information on tournaments, news from other members and promotions from regional vendors and experts on upper midwest kayak fishing.


Johnny J. Wins The One Last Bass Tournament 2014!

Here’s what Jonny had to say via our facebook page – guys, talk about DUMB LUCK that I saw this fish swirl out of the corner of my eye…and swirl again when I looked at the first swirl. This was next to the fishing pier and people were fishing from it and I was going to bypass the area entirely…until I saw the swirl For those who don’t know…first HIT from this bass was on a white Chatter Bait…then I threw a Bubble gum pink Fluke which this fish took…thank God.

The BEST part of this past weekend wasn’t winning this tourney…it was meeting all of you and I mean that. My past experiences in other fishing groups were just terrible…and I was hesitant to join the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association…but I’m glad I did because the PEOPLE I’ve had the opportunity to meet were some of the nicest people I’ve been around fishing-wise. The Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association is a cut above the rest and I’m proud to be associated with it. I look forward to fishing the Mankato area with anyone who’s shown a desire to fish it…YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED I can promise you that!!! As for next year I would love for us to do a tournament here in the Mankato area…I’m already putting together a group of 4 lakes within a 5 mile radius of each other that anyone fishing the tournament could choose to fish for that day. Just make it a point to get down here early next bass season and fish with me so I can get you familiarized with the lakes and area…if we do a 3 fish measurement again it will more than likely take over 60 inches to win the tourney…that’s how good the fishing is and the amount of PIGS present.

And talk of a TEXAS trip in late Feb next year has gotten my attention big time…every time I watch a fishing show and they’re fishing Texas I think how unfair it is that they have access to MONSTER bass I really hope I can arrange to go with you on that one…what would it be like to catch a 12 pound Large Mouth??? I’m dying to find out I’ve exchanged my phone number with a few of you already and if anyone else want’s to fish here in the Mankato area next year just message me and we can exchange phone numbers and we will make it happen. NICE TO MEET ALL OF YOU for all of you are class acts on the water and in person. Fish on.

Jonny, Winner One Last Bass Kayak Fishing Tournament 2014

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