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Big Toothy Scoreboard

Tournament director: Tony Heimkes

3 ways to submit pics to Tony for this tournament

All pics must adhere to these rules:

  1. Text your pic to his cell phone. Include your full name, length of fish and the pic: 612-669-5759
  2. Use the form below to send your submission
  3. Use your email software. Make sure to include your full name, length of fish and the pic. Email to:
1 Step 1

Part 1: online fishing. ONLINE FISHING ENDS 8:00 PM SEPTEMBER 25, 2020. No fish submitted after 8:00 PM will be counted for the online portion of the tournament! NO EXCEPTIONS! If Tony doesn’t have the submission by 8:00 PM, it is disqualified.
September 1 through September 25, 2020
Cull your 2 best fish, Musky or Pike, any combination. Your score for part 1.


Part 2: one-day destination event
September 26, 2020
Cull your 2 best fish, Musky or Pike, any combination. Your score for part 2.

Fishing hours are 7:00 am to 1:00 pm. You MUST use one of the launches shown on the map below and ONLY fish on East or West Rush Lake. You are allowed to launch and be on the water at 7:00 am. You are NOT allowed to have any lines in the water until 7:00 am. You are NOT allowed to do any fishing for the online portion of the tournament at all after 8:00 pm, September 25, 2020. There will be a new pic submission identifier released and a new handwritten code will be published at 7 am on September 26, 2020.

Add parts 1 and 2 scores together for your final score.

Schedule for event

September 1, 2020 to September 25, 2020: Online portion of the tournament. You can fish any water in MN, WI, SD, ND or IA. Northern Pike and Musky are counted for scoring.

West And East Rush Lake Access Points

Saturday, September 26, 2020: One-day destination portion of the tournament. You can ONLY fish East Rush Lake or West Rush Lake. You MUST use one of the public launches in the image above. These are the Rush Lakes near Rush City, MN. Fishing start and stop details to come.

After fishing awards ceremony location

***UPDATE*** The location of any after fishing awards ceremony is not known at this time. We are having some issues with Chisago County Parks.


Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association Rules (Rules are subject to change)

*Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to tournament officials whose decisions are final. We (MNKFA) reserve the right to change or add rules to ensure the competition is fair and equal to all participants and sponsors. Rules may be prior to event start.

1. Registration: Registration for Kayak Fishing Tournaments will be announced no less than a week prior to to the start of the event. Sign-up will be announced on the MNKFA facebook page and MNKFA website. Registration is open to anyone 18 years of age or above and a valid member of MNKFA. Anyone under 18 must have a parent or guardian present and fill out any necessary forms or documents provided by MNKFA. (See cancellation policies for cancellations.)

2. Requirements: MNKFA tournaments are strictly catch and release. A Tournament control image will be supplied prior to the event (Online tournament identifiers will be sent out before the start of the event). The control image must be in the photo with your catch. Your photo must include a fish measuring device like a Hawg Trough or similar tournament-approved measuring device (see measuring requirements).  The ruler marks must be easily legible in your photo submission. The Control image must appear in each photo submitted. Part of your kayak must show in all pics submitted. Failure to include this will disqualify your entry. All submissions MUST conform to current measuring rules for MNKFA on this page, click the link to read: Fish measuring / pic submission rules

3. Scoring: You can upgrade your smallest fish submitted with a larger one at any time during tournament fishing hours. All fish may have open or closed mouth. Scoring will be done by the tournament director. Entries will be submitted via email or text for this tournament. ALL fish submitted MUST meet fish measuring requirements.

4. Start and Finish Times: Tournament fishing times will be provided by MNKFA and are subject to change by the MNKFA board. Your submission photos must be turned in during listed times.

5. Event Details:  Prize award details are being worked out for this tournament at this time. All top prize winners MUST be present at the award ceremony or they forfeit any winnings.

6. Catch: All fish must be taken with a fishing rod, line and artificial lures on the day of the tournament during tournament fishing hours. You must remain in full compliance with law enforcement rules per the state you are fishing! Participants must fish from a human-powered kayak, NO OTHER BOAT TYPES ARE ALLOWED. Only ONE person may be in the kayak. No gas or electric motors are allowed (unless its an online event, all live events are human powered only!)  Absolutely no other method will be permitted. All vessels must be classified as a kayak from the manufacturer.

7. Safety: We strongly suggest that a PFD be worn and have an audible signalling device. Kayakers must be in accordance with state regulations. Safe Kayaking conduct must be observed at all times. NO alcohol or controlled substance can be used or allowed in the kayak during tournament hours.

8. Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation are expected from each angler. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be cause for disqualification. All participants must follow the DNR regulations in effect on the waters they are fishing.

9. Fishing Boundaries: You MUST fish and launch ONLY from the listed lakes and ramps provided by MNKFA. You MUST be back to tournament headquarters by the time frame set by MNKFA. Failure to do so will result in your disqualification from the tournament.

10. Weather: Anglers are to exercise their own best judgment for safety when considering whether to fish or not. Launch may be delayed or cancelled due to unsafe conditions as determined by the tournament director.

11. Cheating Inquiries: The University of Minnesota will be handling lie detector tests. Any inquiries of cheating will be handled by Tournament Officials and the University of Minnesota Law practices. Polygraph tests may be used to settle any cheating disputes. Person(s) bringing allegations assumes all costs for any polygraph testing. Person(s) making any cheating allegations agrees that their name will be made public. MNKFA also may require winners to take a voice stress test, provided and conducted by the university analysis team to test and confirm winners authenticity to prove they followed all the rules

12. Prizes: Winner of this tournament guaranteed $500 cash. Prizes will differ from each MNKFA event during each season, live and online. Applicable tax laws will be adhered to. Major prizes will be announced prior to each event. An IRS 1099 form may be required to major prize winners. You are responsible for any sales tax required to register a kayak you win (if a kayak is listed as a prize).

13. Board Member Participation: Board members, employees of sponsors or owners of sponsor companies are eligible to register, sign-up and win any prizes and subject to all the same scrutiny as any other entrant. In other words, if they win honestly, honorably and according to the rules and law, they win and deserve the appropriate gains from their investment (entry cost).

14. Waiver: Submitting the form and payment is your agreement to the above rules, regulations, terms and conditions, liability acknowledgement, otherwise the angler is ineligible to participate. You MUST be over 18 years of age and show valid identification at the captains meeting to be officially entered in the event. Minors are eligible to participate only if accompanied 100% of the time during this event by a parent who signs a waiver for the minor.

15. Ties: All ties are at the tournament directors discretion. Ties will be decided by first fish, biggest fish and/or time submitted.

16. Cancellation: If you MUST cancel your signup prior to the tournament: SEE REFUND/CANCELLATION POLICY FOR TOURNAMENTS.


Knowledge of these rules is the responsibility of each contestant. Failure to read these rules or ignorance of them is no excuse.

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