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This is a checklist for the board to use to make sure all items have been considered and made accountable when putting on a kayak fishing event or tournament

  1. Has a DNR permit been applied for? Is one needed? Who is in charge of this? Who will make sure there is a copy of the permit at the tournament? Who is responsible for filing a tournament report with the DNR after the tournament is complete?
  2. What is the prize package? We’ll need this information to apply for a DNR permit!
  3. Is the lake large enough for the amount of participants we expect?
  4. Does the lake have multiple launch sites in case there are too many entrants to put in at the headquarters launch point or bad weather conditions?
  5. Is there a covered shelter available? Has the shelter been reserved? Who is in charge of this?
  6. Who is in charge of getting waivers signed at the location? Who will keep signed waivers along with the tournament permit (if a permit is required for the event).
  7. Is group camping available the night before and day of tournament? Is the group campsite reserved? Who is in charge of this?
  8. Is there any other tournaments on the lake that day…or weeks close by? Who has checked the DNR website?
  9. Will there be food supplied as part of the entry fee? Who is in charge of this?
  10. Is it light enough or warm enough for start and stop times?
  11. Is the tournament fishing time too long or too short?
  12. Who is the MNKFA officer who MUST approve, purchase and budget for all the above items?

Here is a checklist for items to do after a tournament

  1. If a DNR permit was used for the tournament, the report must be submitted within 30 days of the tournament
  2. Keep and archive the waivers and score sheet

We invite everyone to contribute to add to this list. Your input is subject to board review. We are committed to building the best local kayak fishing club in the Minnesota / 5 state area!

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