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Action Cameras For Kayak Fishing

Today all you see on YouTube is people recording everything in their daily lives and posting it online, this is facilitated largely by affordable action cameras flooding the market. You no longer need to be a Hollywood production company to get professional quality extreme shots. And that is fantastic!

I won’t bore you with specs, or brands, that information is everywhere on the Internet. But what I will review is some of the features, and how I will not leave the shore without it. In kayak fishing a lot of anglers do not keep what they catch, instead they do what is known as CPR, or Catch Photo Release. As most of you already know trying to hold your catch in one hand, fumble around finding your phone, opening the camera app, and shooting a photo is an annoying juggle. So what myself and thousands of other anglers do is simply setup an action cam to record everything you catch, this way you can document your cast, the hook set, the fight, and the showing and release, and your friends can’t call you a liar!

These things can be mounted virtually anywhere you can imagine, me personally I prefer to have mine behind me and to my right on a telescoping paint roller pole which allows me to change the elevation of the shot, but I have been known to have it on my left and low skirting the water to give an upward angle. Like in the photo of me clowning around.

Action Camera Pic Of Matt Kayak Fishing 

Each brand on the market comes with mounting accessories depending on the model you are looking at, and almost all will work with the Scotty mounts, and various rail systems that are on the market. If you are in the market for an action cam pay attention to battery life, mounting accessories, replacement batteries, video editing software, and read the products reviews. And keep in mind the general rule in retail, you get what you pay for. Some are expensive around $500 for the top model, but rest assured, that $500 will give you priceless footage!

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