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Are You Ready For The 2014 Kayak Fishing Season?

Are You Ready For The 2014 Kayak Fishing Season?

It’s time to get your boat out of storage and inventory your gear!

It’s been a tough winter! But March is right around the corner. The snow’s gonna melt (sometime) and we’re ready to start out strong when the open water fishing season begins!

Northern Pike & Walleye Kayak Fishing TournamentYou can now register for 2 early-season kayak fishing tournaments ready for you to register for

The official kick-off to open water fishing in Minnesota is the Walleye opener. Just so happens, the Northern Pike season opens the same day. We just love fishing for these “toothy” critters. So we have created a FREE tournament that’s a “two-fur”. Sign up for the tournament – we have 2 awards. One for the biggest Walleye Pike and a second for the biggest Northern Pike. Get the full details on this kayak fishing tournament and sign up now, click here.

Are you the best Bass fisherman in the MNKFA?

Biggest Bass Kayak Fishing AwardPut your money where your mouth is! We have created a paid 9 day online tournament You get 2 full weekends and all the days in between to hunt down the biggest bass you can land. Winner takes all (a small part stays with the MNKFA for operating expenses)! Get the full details on this kayak bass fishing tournament and sign up now, click here.

Are you on Facebook? The MNKFA is.

Like our facebook page and you’ll get the most recent news from the MNKFA, members and associated organizations and companies. Like our page now, click here.

We’re pumped! We look forward to meeting you and fishing with you!

Last year we started to lay a nice foundation for what our club can do. We started to meet and enjoy the company of other kayak fishing people. This year, we’ll expand on that and have more organized gatherings. Our membership is up to 225 as of February 24 , 2014. I won’t be surprised if we hit 300 by the end of the open water fishing season, this year. I look forward to meeting you, fishing with you…or just seeing the cool stuff you catch in our forums and on Facebook!!! Let’s all use our forums, Facebook, live gatherings and tournaments to grow our sport and enjoy each others company!

Thank You!

Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association


I like to catch big pike from my kayak. But Bass are fun too! Born and bred in Minnesota. Grew up fishing all over the state. I've fished many parts of the country including several trips to Alaska.

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