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Assault Paddle Review

Assault Paddle From Backwater Paddle CompanyMatt McCandlessBy Matt McCandless 

The Assault Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company is one of those unique items that has become an essential tool that I cannot leave the shore without. It is small, lightweight and useful in countless ways. 

The Assault Paddle consists of a 22″ long by 6″ wide one piece construction made from UV protected polypropylene, foam grip, and a lanyard. Weighing in at only 12 ounces. The Assault Paddle sports some unique characteristics, it has a line hook on the spine and teeth on the belly allowing a user to use the paddle like an anchor on land, or to push off from the shore.  

This paddle is almost indestructible, and for the price you just cannot beat the quality, strength, and versatility of the Backwater Assault Paddle.

Matt McCandless Kayak With Assault Hand Paddle  

The first time I left the shore with it I placed in my rod holder and went off to hit up some bucket mouths. As I came up to a dock and started my barrage of casts I slowly drifted off from the dock, so as usual I juggled my rod and paddle in that awkward dance we all know so well. One hand on the kayak paddle, the other on my fishing rod, as I was doing this dance one of my fellow club members came by and asked why I wasn’t using the Assault Paddle, feeling a little dumb, I secured my paddle to the side of my kayak and reached back and grabbed the Assault Paddle and maneuvered my kayak to the desired position, easily and efficiently. I knew right then and there that fishing would never be the same for me without this little gem. 

Bottom line, any kayak angler or hunter should not go without the Assault Paddle by Backwater Paddle Company. 

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