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2018 Big Toothy Team Tournament

September 16, 2018 @ 7:00 am – October 21, 2018 @ 3:00 pm
Lake Independence
2591 Baker Park Rd
Medina, MN 55340
KP Enderle
big Toothy Team Tournament Award

Link to pdf control image for part 2 online fishing


The focus is on FUN for this tournament!

NOTE: THIS IS A SUNDAY EVENT! If you’ve never participated in a kayak fishing tournament, give this one a try. It’s for kayak anglers of ALL skill levels. You’re not on your own to figure stuff out. You’ll be on a team that has a Captain who will lead the team. The Captain will devise strategies on how your team will outsmart and outcatch your opponents. As a team, you will work together to catch the most inches of toothy fish in 4 hours of fishing at the Part 1 destination event  and then the Part 2 online fishing event…or just collect the most belly laughs trying! This is SERIOUS FUN, not high stress, serious tournament fishing.

At the opening event (Part 1), each participant will get the same set of lures to fish with. You can ONLY use / take those lures with you on your kayak (during the opening destination event). Team members CAN give a lure to another team member. For instance, if you lose a White Funkbuster Spinnerbait, you can get that same lure from another team member (if they want to share it). We encourage you to use a leader to prevent bite offs from toothy fish, they are legal to use for this tournament (you supply your own). We’re getting a great deal on some baits, this is a big part of the attraction of this tournament. You get some great baits at a super price!

Team Captains And Team Names:

1. Captain Tony Hutchinson*, HillBilly Dental, We’ll Be Pulling Teeth
2. Captain David Mikkelson*, Musky Mafia
3. Captain Todd Kewatt, The Spoon Goons
4. Captain Ben Grams*, Team Crank Yankers
5. Captain Bob Lackner*, The Pike Wranglers (with sidekick Grampa Bob Brown*)
6. Captain Michael Thompson*, Darth Wader’s Esox Apprentices!
7. Captain Josh Engelmann*, Blind Squirrel Kayak Fishing: We’re Nuts!
8. Captain Rich Hebert*, Pike Busters!
9. Captain Matt McCandless*, Hammer Handles
10. Captain Mark Goudreault, The Prime Time Slimers

NOTE: Captains may change. MNKFA reserves the right to do this.

Team Crank Yankers

Captain Ben Grams, Big Lake.
Gerald Mccullough, Henning.
Allen Donais, Eveleth.
William Norton, International Falls.
Diane Bach, Thief River Falls.

Darth Wader’s Esox Apprentices!

Captain Michael Thompson, Shoreview.
Ryan Jolly, Minneapolis.
Roger Asp, Coon Rapids.
Tim Johnson, Brooklyn Center.
Harrison George, Blaine.

The Pike Wranglers

Captain Bob Lackner, Monticello.
Greg Evers, Sartell.
Grampa Bob Brown, Richfield.
Kyle Johnson, Osseo.
Brad Thacher, Rochester.

The Spoon Goons

Captain Todd Kewatt, Columbia Heights.
Anthony Heimkes, Minneapolis.
Dean Ondich, Brooklyn Center.
Daniel Ondich, Brooklyn Center.
Luke Fischer, Farmington.

Pike Busters!

Captain Rich Hebert, Chaska.
Luis Canelon-Lander, Burnsville.
Daniel Tan, Chanhassen.
Joshua Donato, Minneapolis.
Brian Hanson, Farmington.

Blind Squirrel Kayak Fishing: We’re Nuts!

Captain Josh Engelmann, Annandale.
Michelle Morey, Orono.
Warren Arnold, Sauk Rapids.
Phana leav, Brooklyn Park.
Michael Wenisch, Forest Lake.

Hammer Handles

Captain Matt McCandless, Watertown.
Mike Olson, Rochester.
Devin Sijan, Savage.
Juan Gomez, Rochester.
Tony Gedminas, Minneapolis.

HillBilly Dental, We’ll Be Pulling Teeth

Captain Tony Hutchinson, Cottonwood, MN.
Jordan Deutz, Marshall.
Josh Wolfbauer, Minnetonka.
Wayne Smith, Avon.
Benjamin Datres, Hopkins.

The Prime Time Slimers

Captain Mark Goudreault, Minnetrista.
Gene Paulauskas, Lakeville.
Eliseo Conde, Minneapolis.
Daniel Zimmerschied, Maplewood.
Jason Nibbe, Lake City.

Musky Mafia

Captain David Mikkelson, Jordan.
Michael Perez, Rochester.
Cory Herrman, New Market.
Robert Dregney, Lake City, MN.
Charles Filmalter, Woodbury.

Baits included in your entry fee that will be used at the opening event:

All Terrain Tackle Jigs, Value $21
Assorted Plastics, Value $10
Funk Busters Spinners and Chatterbaits,  $30
Spoons, Value $15
JB’s Fish Sauce, 2oz. Gel, $5
Plus a meal, soft drinks and the company of some REALLY great people!
You may ONLY fish with these sponsor supplied baits during the Part 1 opening destination event at Lake Independence!

This is a 2 part tournament

Round 1 competition, opening event

Part 1 is the destination event at Lake Independence. Each team will work together to cull the biggest Pike their team can catch. You may ONLY use the sponsor supplied baits you will get at Lake Independence. Each team will submit their one (1) biggest pike on the day. ONLY fish caught at Lake Independence, by your team can be submitted for a score during part 1 of the tournament. At the end of round 1 the results would look something like this. Round 1 numbers can NOT be upgraded or changed after the close of the opening event fishing. Leader highlighted in red. THIS IS ONLY A SAMPLE TO SHOW HOW IT WILL WORK!
Round 1 Results From Destination Lake Opening Event,
1 Biggest Pike Per Team Entries
1. HillBilly Dental27″27″
2. Musky Mafia36.25″36.25″
3. The Spoon Goons17″17″
4. Team Crank Yankers34″34″
5. The Pike Wranglers42.25″42.25
6. Darth Wader’s Esox Apprentices!37″37″
7. Blind Squirrel Kayak Fishing33″33″
8. Pike Busters!28.5″28.5″
9. Hammer Handles17″17″
10. The Prime Time Slimers 41″41″

Here is the agenda for round 1 of the 2018 Big Toothy Team Tournament

Sunday 9/16/2018, 7:30AM MANDATORY!: Check in at Lake Independence shelter for the MANDATORY Captain’s meeting where we’ll go over all the rules, fill out  waivers, and give you the control image. FAILURE TO BE AT THIS MEETING WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION!

Sunday 8:00am: You can launch at any public launch on Lake Independence. You may NOT use any private access to the water for this tournament. ONLY public access that is available to all is allowed.

Sunday noon: You MUST be physically back at the tournament headquarters. Turn in photos of your catch to the tournament director if you could not or did not email your photos. Have a soft drink and chit-chat with fellow kayak anglers. YOU MUST BE BACK BY THIS TIME. THIS IS MANDATORY. IF YOU ARE LATE, YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

Sunday noon to 1:00pm: We’ll have lunch for you at the tournament headquarters. Bring your appetite and some B.S. to share with others!

Sunday 1:00pm to 2:00pm: We’ll announce the scores of the opening event of the tournament, then give away a few prizes as fast as we can.

Round 2 competition, online tournament

Part 2 is online. Starts 2pm 9/16/2018 and ends 10/21/2018, 5pm. Each team will work together to cull the biggest Pike their team can catch by fishing as a team or on your own individually. You can use ANY legal artificial bait (NO LIVE BAIT, ARTIFICIAL ONLY) on the water you are fishing. You may fish ANY legal water in MN, ND, SD, IA or WI by using a public access that anyone can use, no private access to private lakes. Each team will continually submit their one (1) biggest pike over the fishing period. You MUST submit all entries within 48 hours of being caught. NO HOLDING FISH TO THE END OF THE EVENT. Your team can have a 30″ pike in the round 2 column today and upgrade to a bigger fish tomorrow. That continues until the end of fishing. During the online fishing period the numbers will change. Round 2 results would look something like this. Leader highlighted in red. THIS IS ONLY A SAMPLE TO SHOW HOW IT WILL WORK!
Round 2 Results From Combined Destination Lake & Online
1. HillBilly Dental27″30″57″
2. Musky Mafia36.25″20″56.25″
3. The Spoon Goons17″42″59″
4. Team Crank Yankers34″30″64″
5. The Pike Wranglers42.25″20″62.25
6. Darth Wader’s Esox Apprentices!37″31″68″
7. Blind Squirrel Kayak Fishing33″40″73″
8. Pike Busters!28.5″40″68.5″
9. Hammer Handles17″42″59″
10. The Prime Time Slimers 41″30″71″

Here is the agenda for round 2 of the 2018 Big Toothy Team Tournament

Sunday, 2pm, 9/16/2018, to Sunday, 5pm, 10/21/2018: Online fishing. Catch and submit pike or musky and submit big pike / musky to your Captain. Captains will determine if it is the biggest team fish online and that it meets all measuring pic requirements. Captain will submit to the tournament director / judge whose determination on size and acceptance is final. NO ARGUING OR COMPLAINING OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED from the entire tournament with NO REFUNDS.

Tournament Rules

Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to tournament officials whose decisions are final. ***We (MNKFA) reserve the right to change, or add rules to ensure the competition is fair and equal to all participants and respectful to sponsors.***

Tournament director: Grant Carston

1. Registration: Registration for The 2018 Big Toothy Team Kayak Fishing Tournament is closed. SOLD OUT!

2. Requirements: This tournament is strictly catch, photo and release.  Tournament control card will be supplied at the event. Control Card must be in the photo with your catch. Your photo must include a fish measuring device like a Hawg Trough for fish under 30″, Rapala measuring board for fish over 30″. You may pinch the tail and then release it, the mouth of the fish can be open and MUST BE AND RESTING AGAINST THE ZERO MARK ON THE RULER WITH NO HANDS OR ANY OTHER ITEM (FISH GRIPS, ETC.)  COVERING THE MOUTH OR TAIL AREA OF THE FISH. The ruler marks must be easily legible in your photo submission. The Control Card must appear in each photo submitted. Failure to include this will disqualify your entry.

3. Scoring: The tournament will feature Northern Pike and Musky.  Each team member will be scored on the longest pike or musky they submit that adheres to the rules. You can upgrade your smallest fish submitted with a larger one at anytime during tournament fishing hours, per part 1 and part 2 rules. Your total will be added to your team total to determine the winning team.

4. Start and Finish Times: Tournament fishing for Part 1 will begin at 8:00 am CST 09-16-2018. End of the tournament fishing for Part 1 will be noon CST 09-16-2018.

Tournament fishing for Part 2 will begin at 2:00pm CST 09-16-2018. End of online tournament fishing for Part 2 will be Sunday, 5pm CST 10-21-2018.

All entry submissions MUST be received in the time periods defined above. We’re NOT responsible for any connectivity issues!!! Send your entries early. NO EXCEPTIONS!!!

5. Event Details:  This event is an opportunity to spend time together as a group and get to know one another. There will be lunch and an award ceremony following the close of Part 1 Lake Independence fishing at tournament headquarters.

6. Catch: All fish must be taken with a fishing rod, line and ONLY during tournament fishing hours. Participant must fish from a human powered kayak, NO OTHER BOAT TYPES ARE ALLOWED. Only ONE angler may be in the kayak. No gas or electric motors are allowed! Absolutely no other method will be permitted.

7. Safety: We strongly encourage that a PFD be worn. Bring a whistle with as well, another practice that should be followed while paddling. Entrants must be in accordance with state regulations. Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times.

8. Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation are expected from each angler. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be cause for disqualification. All participants must follow the DNR regulations in effect on the waters they are fishing.

9. Fishing Boundaries: 

PART 1: You MUST fish and launch ONLY on Lake Independence. Plus, you MUST be at the Captains meeting in the morning at 7:30am  AND back to tournament headquarters by noon.

PART 2: You can fish any legal waters in MN, ND, SD, IA or WI. You may ONLY use a public access that is available to all. No private access or private lakes or waters.

10. Weather: Anglers are to exercise their own best judgment for safety when considering whether to fish or not.

11. Cheating Inquiries: Any inquiries of cheating will be handled by Tournament Officials, and polygraph tests may be used to settle any cheating disputes. Person(s) bringing allegations assumes all costs for any polygraph testing. Person(s) making any cheating allegations agrees that their name will be made public. MNKFA also may require winners to take a voice stress analysis test to confirm winners honestly can claim they followed all the rules.

12. Prizes: See top of this page for fishing tournament prizes, there may also be raffle prizes.

13. Board Member Participation: Board members, employees of sponsors or owners of sponsor companies are eligible to register, sign-up and win any prizes and subject to all the same scrutiny as any other entrant. In other words, if they win honestly, honorably and according to the rules, they win and deserve the appropriate gains from their investment (entry cost).

14. Waiver: Submitting any form and payment for this tournament is your agreement to the above rules, regulations, terms and conditions, liability acknowledgement, otherwise the angler is ineligible to participate. You MUST be over 18 years of age and show valid identification at the captains meeting to be officially entered in this event and sign a waiver in person at the captains meeting. Minors are eligible to participate only if accompanied 100% of the time during this event by a parent who signs a waiver for the minor. You MUST be present and on-time at the captains meeting in the morning. You MUST be present and on-time and back to tournament headquarters. You MUST follow all rules to win a prize in this event.

15. Prize Winner Qualification: You MUST be in attendance at the post fish award ceremony for Part 1 to be eligible for any prizes that will be awarded or given away at that event. 

NOTE: MNKFA board reserves the right to make changes to the rules at any time in the spirit of making the tournament more fair and equal to all participants and sponsors.

No refunds will be made for any reason once you have signed up. Names are added manually to the entrant list. It may take a day or so depending on what my social schedule looks like.


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