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2019 BIG PIKE Trip To Lake Of The Woods

May 2, 2019 @ 7:00 am – May 7, 2019 @ 5:00 pm
Ken-Mar-Ke Resort, Lake Of The Woods
3147 Ken Mar Kee Dr NW
MN 56623
You pay for your stay
KP Enderle

Todd 40" Pike Hobie Fishing Kayak

Actual dates will be determined by monitoring ice off conditions. Come for all of the time or pick the days that work for you. Last year some people fished Friday through Monday. Some fished Saturday and Sunday only. It’s up to you.

Want to land huge Northern Pike from your kayak?

Northern Pike season never closes on Lake of the Woods. The Pike move into the shallow bays to spawn soon after ice out. This is a huge opportunity to be surrounded by lots of large pike. Lake of the Woods is known for trophy class Northern Pike. Last year the biggest Pike caught by our group was a 40″ inch fish by Todd Kewatt, shown above. This trip is a great way to start off your kayak fishing season!

MN DNR info: Lake of the Woods is managed for a high-quality northern pike population, with a significant component of “trophy” northern pike over 40 inches long. The northern pike population continues to be one of high quality, with 19% of the adult population at least 35 inches long, and 5% of the adults 40 inches long, or longer.

We’ll be staying at Ken-Mar-Ke Resort. The resort is on Bostic Creek. It’s just south of Cyrus Resort shown on the image below. Last year, our group spent most of our time fishing at mouth of the creek or out in the bay. The bay is somewhat protected on 3 sides by land. That helps with any rough weather conditions.

Ask any questions or let us know you’re coming, email:

Big Pike Kayak Fishing Bostic Bay, Lake of the Woods

If you have any questions or comments, enter them below.

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  1. I am hoping to go, when will we know the dates for sure?

  2. Ill go in on a cabin bigfish. I’m out of NE Mpls. I’ll be there may 3-7. I am also interested in hopping in the truck with someone that can take me and my gear (hobie outback) for gas money and company.

  3. I am out of Lakeville. I’m happy to be part of a cabin if there are openings needing filled.

  4. No on reservations now, I would wait until we know ice out timing better. We watch Zippel Bay resort. They have a pike tournament the first weekend the bays are iced out. They sometimes change the weekend if ice out is late or early. I saw a post the Rainy River is opening. Our dates are scheduled for May 3 which is a Friday. Most people are thinking that is still looking pretty good. It’s off season at the resort. We were the only ones there last year.

  5. I am 100% in but need to have a trailer to join with my 11 footer. Anyone want to get things together to get a cabin set up? I can pull a trailer if you don’t want to use your vehicle too. Catch me here or on Facebook.

  6. It’s going to be interesting to see how ice-out goes this year for sure. We’ll watch Zippel Bay Resort. They have a pike tournament the first week after ice-out. We match their timing. I was talking with someone who thought all the snow melting will put downward, heavy pressure on the ice cause it to break up. Fingers crossed!

  7. I’m starting to get really curious about when ice out will be. Hope this doesn’t have to get pushed back!

  8. I’m tentatively in. I’ve already signed up for the 1st 2 tourneys. Let me know when we need to book rooms or how this works. It will be just me on this trip. With my wife not going. Devs429 my kayak trailer hauls 2. Depending on what you have, you’re more than welcome to throw it on my trailer. I’m new to the group and would like to learn some Pike techniques. Ive only caught them spinners. I grew up on Oklahoma large mouth and obviuosly catfish. And yes I did noodle for them too.

  9. I’m tentatively in. I may be going to FL for a couple weeks in April plus the opener tourney plus possibly the Vibe tourney. It’s possible my cat won’t even recognize me after that. Anyway, I do have a 16′ enclosed trailer for yaks and gear if that works out with anyone heading up for the same days as me. All providing I don’t sell my house and move south in the meantime.

  10. I’m tentatively planning on attending this – sounds awesome and would be the furthest north I’ve ever fished. Question for the group – does Hi Tempo or elsewhere rent kayak trailers? I’d prefer to trailer mine/others vs. my typically roof rack method for such a long drive.

  11. Can’t wait. This was one of the best fishing trips I have ever been on. Was such a great experience.

  12. Happy New Year ! This sounds like a cool trip. fyi, I posted a couple of “how to” videos on Kayak Musky Central last month. I am planning one more in the series but it will wait until Spring. Best wishes and tight lines.

  13. For anybody interested in this trip:
    1) Don’t let the lake scare you. Bostic Bay is a small, protected area. Last year we were able to get out of the wind easily. We also only saw 3 other boats at any given time while we were out there.
    2) If Zippel Bay Resort does not have their tournament going on, we can also head over and fish Zippel Bay for pike.
    3) Cyrus Resort is a great resort with reasonable off-season rates (I think it was $45/person/night plus tax last year). I was also told by the owner that she is pretty sure that the restaurant will be open while we are up there in spring.
    4) Even if you are a novice pike fisherman, there will be plenty of members that are willing to help you out with tips and tactics and what gear to bring.

  14. I’m wondering about the dates you have listed. It’s currently over opener weekend and I don’t think we will be able to get rooms then. I know they are tentative, but I was thinking our best bet would be the weekend before opener.

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