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2019 FREE Online Opener Tournament

May 11, 2019 @ 12:01 am – May 19, 2019 @ 11:59 pm
5 State Area. MN. ND. SD. IA. WI.
Dwayne Kuhns

Joey Vanyo, #158, 31.5″

FREE! Biggest Walleye Or Northern Pike Online Tournament For MN Opener 2019, Sponsored By Omnia Fishing

Get the control image pdf: CLICK HERE


Email entry pics to:


Ron 35.25" Pike From A Hobie PA12

Omnia Fishing Logo

Winner is the person who signs up, and sends a valid photo of the biggest walleye or northern pike by length. We’re going to run this tournament for 9 days. You get 2 full weekends to fish…and all the week days in between. Get out there and get a big walleye or northern and send in your pics! This is an online tournament. You can send a photo of a 19 inch pike one day, then replace it with a bigger 23 inch fish a day later! We’ll post the top 3 entries on this page and facebook so everyone knows the score.

By clicking the agree box on the form below, you agree and understand the rules and agree to the following release of liability.


I, the undersigned, acknowledge, appreciate and agree that:
1. The risk of injury from the activities involved in a kayak fishing tournament does exist, and
2. I knowingly and freely assume all such risks, both known and unknown and assume full responsibility for my participation and
3. I agree to comply with the terms and conditions of participation, and
4. I, for myself and on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives and next of kin, hereby release, indemnify and hold harmless and agree not to sue, the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association, its officers, officials, agents, and/or employees, sponsors and advertisers, and if applicable, owners and lesser of premises used to conduct the event.

I HAVE READ THIS RELEASE OF LIABILITY AND ASSUMPTION OF RISK AGREEMENT AND THE RULES GOVERNING THESE EVENTS, FULLY UNDERSTAND THEIR TERMS, UNDERSTAND THAT I HAVE GIVEN UP SUBSTANTIAL RIGHTS BY SIGNING IT AND SIGN IT FREELY AND VOLUNTARILY WITHOUT ANY INDUCEMENT.  I further agree that by typing my name in the provided space of the electronic entry form constitutes your legal signature and is the same as you signing this agreement by hand.

PARTICIPATION AND ELIGIBILITY. Participation is open to anyone 18 years of age or older. Minors are eligible to participate with a parent or legal guardian signature on the release form. A completed entry form and waiver must be received no later than the published entry date. The responsibility and safety for said minor is solely that of the signing parent or legal guardian. Parent and or legal guardian holds harmless Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association and their officers, sponsors, advertisers and employees. Minors must contact us for entry requirements. Minor may NOT complete the form entry below, if they do, they are automatically disqualified for lying on an MNKFA form.

Tournament Rules And Signup

Interpretation of these rules will be left exclusively to tournament officials whose decisions are final.

1. Registration: Registration for The MNKFA Minnesota Pike Opener 2019  tournament IS CLOSED, WE REACHED OUR MAXIMUM NUMBER OF ENTRANTS. MNKFA reserves the right to close registration at any time for reasons in the best interests of the club.

2. Requirements: A pdf image will be emailed to all participants at 3:00pm CST 05-10-2019. Print this letter size sheet, put it in a zip lock bag and place in the photo with your catch. Your photo must include a fish measuring device like a Hawg Trough or similar measuring device. You must use a Rapala or Ketch board for fish over 30″. You may pinch the tail, the mouth of the fish can be open or closed and at the bottom of mouth touching the left edge of your measuring device. The ruler marks must be easily legible in the photo submitted. The printed tournament pdf image must appear in each photo submitted. ANY alteration that promotes products or services added to the control image will be immediately disqualified! Failure to include this control image will disqualify your entry. For further information on photo measuring requirements, click here (opens in a new window).

3. Start and Finish Times: Tournament will begin at 12:01 am  CST 05-11-2019. End of the tournament will be at midnight  CST 05-20-2019. All photo entries must be emailed and received by by the end of the tournament. We are NOT responsible for ANY submissions that are not in my email box by midnight, 05-20-2018. We advise you to send earlier. NO exceptions will be made. 

4. Catch: All fish must be taken with a fishing rod, line and hook with artificial bait only on the days of the tournament during tournament hours. Participant must fish from a human powered kayak, only ONE angler in the kayak. ONLY water craft listed as a kayak by the manufacturer of the vessel are eligible. No gas or electric motors are allowed! Absolutely no other method will be permitted.

5. Safety: A PFD must be either worn or on board each watercraft in accordance with state regulations where you are fishing. Safe boating conduct must be observed at all times.

6. Sportsmanship: Sportsmanship, courtesy, safety and conservation are expected from each angler. Any infraction of these fundamental sporting principles may be cause for disqualification. All participants must follow the DNR regulations in effect on the waters they are fishing.

7. Fishing Boundaries: Fish must be caught in the waters of Minnesota, Wisconsin, North Dakota, South Dakota or Iowa.

8. Weather: Anglers are to exercise their own best judgment for safety when considering whether to fish or not.

9. Cheating Inquiries: Any inquiries of cheating will be handled by Tournament Officials, and polygraph tests may be used to settle any cheating disputes. The challenging party agrees to pay for polygraph test costs. Challenging party agrees to be identified as the party making any accusations.

10. Prizes: First place winner will work with tournament director to select $100 worth of MNKFA kayak fishing items in-stock at the close of the tournament.

2019 Pike Opener Kayak Fishing Tournament Prize

11. Waiver: Submitting the entry form constitutes your agreement to ALL rules, regulations, waivers, terms and conditions, liability acknowledgement, otherwise the angler is ineligible to participate.

12. Ties: In case of a tie, the first fish submitted gets preference.

13. Your entry: You may NOT buy, sell, trade, swap, give away or pass on tournament entry spots. ONLY MNKFA tournament officials can authorize who is officially entered/registered in our events.

NOTE: Rules and regulations can change at the discretion of the MNKFA board and the tournament director for ANY reason. This is a FREE tournament, no complaining or arguing will be tolerated at all! MNKFA reserves the right to disqualify anyone at anytime if your bad behavior, negative attitude, negative attitude toward MNKFA, or disrespecting any board member, member or volunteer warrants disqualification. You’ll be disqualified if you just can’t accept the rules or decisions made by MNKFA and you incessantly complain, whine or bash!


Once the tournament has started, submit your entry via email. Your entry will be reviewed and MUST meet all the rules for acceptable entries. This page will be updated when the tournament judge has time. The top 3 current entries will be posted with a date on this page and on facebook.

Entrant#NameHome Town & StateBiggest Walleye Or Pike
1.Ron StraussRoseville, MN
2.Jim LeeSt. Paul, MN
3.Roger HerSt. Paul, MN
4.Mike SuhsenPhillips, WI31.5″
5.Joshua DonatoMinneapolis, MN
6.Mitch HeilLexington, MN
7.Ryan JollyMinneapolis, MN
8.Jason NibbeLake City, MN
9.Jay SuhsenWolf Lake, MN
10.Kyle JohnsonOsseo, MN
11.Bill NortonInternational Falls, MN
12.Robert Duane BrownRichfield, MN
13.Daniel ZimmerschiedMaplewood, MN
14.Josiah ChristensenBecker, MN
15.Kirk WhitingBloomington, MN
16.Michael SimonsShoreview, MN
17.Jason MurrayNew Prague, MN24″
18.Craig StantonWaconia, MN
19.Elena WilliamsSt. Louis Park, MN
20.Quin BancalariOtsego, MN
21.Michael ThompsonShoreview, MN
22.Alexander ThaoCottage Grove, MN
23.Andy NadeauWinona, MN
24.David MikkelsonJordan, MN30.25″
25.Grant “The Stick” CarstonMontgomery, MN
26.Jake KaiserJordan, MN
27.Tou Long LorSt. Paul, MN
28.Devin SijanSavage, MN21″
29.Luis CanelonBurnsville, MN
30.Mark GoudreaultMinnestrista, MN
31.Brian MillerBenson, MN
32.Thomas ElliottChaska, MN30″
33.Warren ArnoldSauk Rapids, MN
34.Shane OlsonTaylors Falls, MN
35.Doug FoxNew Hope, MN
36.Bryan ProkuskiOtsego, MN
37.Sam ZoulekDecorah, IA
38.Leamarie deLeonNew Richmond, WI20.5
39.Scott DunhamNew Richmond, WI
40.Bradley ThatcherHarmony, ??
41.Robert SpanglerWakonda, SD
42.Jeffrey BehrensRogers, MN
43.Joshua WolfbauerMinneapolis, MN
44.Kevin BehrensEagan, MN
45.Dean OndichBrooklyn Center, MN
46.Timothy JavaWyoming, MN
47.Antonio RiveraCottage Grove, MN
48.Anthony HeimkesMinneapolis, MN
49.Roy EgstadAitkin, MN
50.Patrick ZerwasBaxter, MN
51.Todd LewisonCoon Rapids, MN
52.Robert DregneyLake City, MN
53.Justin RoggenkampDeer Creek, MN
54.Juan NievesRockford, MN
55.Rylan KinnellBurnsville, MN
56.Tony HutchinsonCottonwood, MN
57.Dane DesjardinNew Richmond, WI
58.Roger AspCoon Rapids, MN
59.Michael PerezRochester, MN
60.Gerald McCulloughBattle Lake, MN
61.Je VangForest Lake, MN
62.Daniel OndichBrooklyn Center, MN
63.Michael WallaceMaple Grove, MN
64.Nam NyguyenApple Valley, MN
65.Douglas J. SchmidtRoyalton, MN
66.Keith BurkhardtMinnetonka, MN
67.Bobby LacknerMonticello, MN19″
68.Aaron BrinkmanStewartville, MN
69.Hunter YangSt. Paul, MN
70.Kao VangSt. Paul, MN
71.Peter YangAnderson, ??
72.Shane OconnorToeterville, IA
73.Mark FerleyParkers Prairie, MN
74.Richard HebertChaska, MN
75.Josh EhaMinneapolis, MN
76.Ben DatresHopkins, MN
77.Kelly SaukeWinona, MN
78.Torry HeidenreiterBrooklyn Park22″
79.Richard BillionApple Valley, MN
80.Brett BeinkeBlaine, MN
81.Scott Pap?????, MN
82.Mike MeadLuverne, MN
83.John VangLake Elmo, MN
84.Cliff BuckBelle Plaine, MN28.25″
85.Leslie Kvidera?????, MN
86.Keith BurkhardtMinnetonka, MN
87.Robert BahlerHarmony, ??
88.Dustin AndersonFaribault, MN
89.Adam SchmidtDresser, WI
90.Tong mouaMaplewood, MN
91.Alvin YangSt. Paul, MN
92.Brian HansonFarmington, MN
93.Ger VangMinneapolis, MN
94.Mark PrestonMinneapolis, MN
95.Dean KafkaWabasha, MN
96.Todd M. HuderleDevils Lake, ND
97.Warren ArnoldSauk Rapids, MN
98.Nick SchuetzMinneapolis, MN
99.Christian RayasMaple Grove, MN
100.Todd KewattColumbia Heights, MN
101.Noah VangSt. Paul, MN
102.Douglas GironGolden Valley, MN
103.Samuel KennedyFargo, North Dakota
104.Bob BrownRichfield, MN
105.Jesus Chuy Godinez Jr.Shakopee, MN
106.Randy HiltnerAmery, WI
107.Tyler NeprudBelle Plain, MN
108.Nathan PetersenAlexandria, MN
109.Peter VangSt. Paul, MN
110.Paul JanssenSt. Cloud, MN
111.Brian VoeltzZumbrota, MN
112.Greg SchuckSt. Paul, MN
113.Brian JaroszewskiSouth St. Paul, MN
114.Brett BeinkeBlaine, MN
115.Diane BachThief River Falls, MN
116.Joseph LindquistPrior Lake, MN
117.Paul WillegalleCannon Falls, MN
118.Thai VangMaplewood, MN
119.Jeff LambertSioux Falls, SD
120.Patrick ZerwasBaxter, MN
121.Mong VangSt. Paul, MN
122.Brad LieserShakopee, MN
123.Greg EberlyCrosby, MN
124.Jim FlemingGays Mills, WI
125.Patrick J. OlheiserApple Valley, MN
126.Derek KumfermanOsseo, WI
127.KP “The Stick Breaker” EnderleSioux Falls, SD0.0″
128.Phana LeavBrooklyn Park, MN
129.Erik PetersonAndover, MN20.75″
130.Scott ForsytheCottage Grove, MN
131.Ben DatresHopkins, MN
132.Daniel OndichBrooklyn Center, MN
133.Allen DonaisEveleth, MN
134.David Bruce EgstadJordan, MN
135.Warren ArnoldSauk Rapids, MN
136.Brian MaddenShakopee, MN
137.Josh “Blind Squirrel” EngelmannAnnandale, MN
138.F joshua ehaMinneapolis, MN
139.Ryan JollyMinneapolis, MN
140.Wayne SmithAvon, MN
141.William NetwalEden Prairie, MN
142.Tim KerkvlietCoon Rapids, MN
143.Ryan BlomquistShakopee, MN
144.Jennifer BuckBelle Plain, MN
145.Mike WenischForest Lake, MN
146.Matthew OlsonBloomington, MN23.25″
147.Scott DunhamNew Richmond, WI
148.Tyler WortzWaconia, MN
149.Brandon SwartSt. Cloud, MN
150.Paul A TvedtWoodbury, MN
151.Tim BrakelCarver, MN22″
152.Chucky VangRoseville, MN
153.Jesse Tyler SmithShakopee, MN
154.Wayne FilmalterWoodbury, MN
155.Taylor KlundtWoodbury, MN
156.Kevin BrentDawson, MN
157.James RichardElk River, MN22.5″
158.Joey VanyoLakeville, MN31.5″
159.Shane RobinsonRochester, MN
160.Brendan AndrewsRochester, MN
161.Benjamin YangSt. Paul, MN
162.Dylan SandeOrono, MN
163.Mong VangSt. Paul, MN
164.Andrew LeinLauderdale, MN
165.Don Van EpemKaukauna, WI
166.Kao LorBrooklyn Center, MN
167.Gerald McCulloughHenning, MN
168.Alexander ThaoCottage Grove, MN
169.Mason HeinZumbro Falls, MN31″
170.Dace OlsonMillville, MN
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