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2019 Triple Threat Team Tournament

July 13, 2019 @ 7:00 am – 2:00 pm
Lake Volney

Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament

***SOLD OUT***

Limited to 8 teams of 3 people

Goal is to encourage captains/team members to help each other, learn and have fun. The longest fish from each team member for a total of 3 per team (if each team member gets a fish).  That way once 2 of the members have a big one, they will help the 3rd member catch a bigger one to better their team’s score. Team members must fish together, within 30 yards of each other, so they are not spread out, close together team fishing is the goal.


The Enforcers – 1. Dwayne Kuhns 2. KP Enderle 3. Dave Olmstead
Yak-Masters – 1. David Mikkelson 2. Cliff Buck 3. Dustin Anderson
The Gator Guys – 1. Joey Vanyo 2. Josh Vanyo 3. Lucas Fischer
Serving Up Slabs – 1. Jake Kaiser 2. Shawn Saxe 3. Brett Beinke
The Toad Stickers – 1. Mark Goudreault 2. Phana Leav 3. Scott Forsythe
The Horsemen – 1. Bob Lackner 2. Grampa Bob Brown 3. Kirk Whiting
The Bass’n 8 Tors – 1. Jason Murray 2. Roger Asp 3. Wayne Filmalter
Bass Yakers – 1. Mark Leyde 2. Stuart Vrieze 3. Todd Kewatt

Grant is Tournament Director.

Each person’s biggest fish for the total.  All 3 must enter a fish, that way if one person hasn’t caught one, the other two will concentrate on getting them one. Biggest second fish of any team member if a tie .
  • First fish must be sent in ASAP.
  • Prizes for only the winning team. Prizes TBD.
  • All team members must fish within 30 yards of each other.
  • We’ll pick numbers and start teams off every minute, after the captain’s meeting (7AM).
  • All participants will get a set of Funk Buster jigs.
  • Subway sandwiches and soft drinks after fishing.
Funk Buster Jigs
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