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Manley Rods KBS Bass Tournament

May 26, 2018 @ 6:00 am – 4:00 pm
Sakatah Lake
Grant Carston



KBS Qualifier is open for registration!

Each angler will be competing against only anglers in their Kayak Club for prize money and or points for AOY and qualifying for the KBS Classic. To receive AOY points and qualify for the classic, you must be a KBS member. Non-KBS members  can fish any Qualifier and Online tournament but will not receive AOY points and cannot be qualified for the KBS Classic, but can receive tournament cash and prizes. This tournament is being held by KBS, hosted by MNKFA. You must register and pay on tourneyX, and agree to terms and conditions with KBS and TourneyX.


First and second place get a cash payout based on number of entries. Third and fourth place will receive Manley Fishing rods.

If 10 people signup…

First place gets $230
Second place gets $152
Third place gets a Platinum Manley fishing rod
Fourth place gets a Gold Manley fishing rod

If 20 people signup…

First place gets $460
Second place gets $304
Third place gets a Platinum Manley fishing rod
Fourth place gets a Gold Manley fishing rod

This tournament is being presented and managed by Manley Fishing Rods. MNKFA is helping promote and sponsor the event. You sign up and register at the Tourney X link below. Grant is the local contact for information on this tournament.


Phone: 952-356-4721

Link to register-

Details on KBS points, payouts and Qualifying to fish the Classic-

Tournament details:

This is a best 5 bass tournament. You may fish from upper/lower lake Sakatah or Tetonka and the Cannon river connecting the lakes between. You must launch from a public launch or public area. No launching from private residence or commercial business. You may use a “pay to launch” location as long as it is open for anyone to use and pay. You must be fishing from a dealer recognized kayak. Only human power is acceptable, no electric or gas motors of any kind. Your feet or butt must be in your kayak when fishing at all times. You may NOT exit your kayak to fish. All fish must be caught from your kayak. NO LIVE BAIT. Artificial lures only. You must practice safe boating practices and follow MN state laws of angling.

Tournament First Cast at 6:30 am CST and Last Upload is at 3:00 pm CST. The IDENTIFIER CODE will be posted on the Tourney X website at 9:00 pm Central Time on the 25th (Day before), it will also be posted at the same time on the KBS website and posted on the KBS Facebook page.

All anglers will follow Club Rules. You will be notified of any changes via KBS Facebook and website, Tournament directors and Tourney X.

(If you didn’t receive your tournament ID code from the tourneyX site the night before, we will hand them out again at the captains meeting.  This code must be visible and in all pictures submitted to TourneyX. Tournament cards and markers will be on site.)

Tournament starts at 6:30 am (Central Time Zone) on the 26th of May (Saturday) and ends at 3:00 PM (Central Time Zone). KBS will follow all club rules and last upload must be by 3:00 pm. Club fish measuring / rules-

Captains Meeting:

Captains meeting will be held the morning of the tournament (per club rules) May 26th at 5:30am at the public launch in downtown Waterville under the water tower. After the meeting you are free to head out to your spots. This should only take a few minutes to go over rules. No lines in the water before 6:30am.

Check in headquarters Is located at Bullheads bar and grill in downtown Waterville, MN.

Your physical body check in time is 4:30pm NO LATER. All fish must be submitted by 3:00pm. The TourneyX site will go off line at this time. Which means no fish can be entered. Once finalized, winners will be announced.

(If your not using a phone to upload photos, you must be back before 3:00pm to manually upload them at Bullheads)

All results will be posted the following day with winners announced on KBS Facebook page and AOY standings posted on KBS website.  Payment will be made with 48 hours by pay pal to all winners from KBS.

Bullheads bar and grill:

256 E. Main Street
Waterville, MN 56096

Public launch under water tower:
350 1st St N
Waterville, MN  56096

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