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Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association Forums 2014 Member Catches Sticky:HOWTO: Posting Images and Videos

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    Matt McCandless

    This is the HOWTO on posting images, and videos to the MNKFA forum.

    In order to post images and videos to the MNKFA forums you need to upload the file(s) to a image host (Images: tinypic, photobucket, etc.. Videos: YouTube) first, and copy/paste the direct url to the image/video in the forums. Here is a step by step HOWTO.


    Just a couple of image host links. Some may require registering with them:

    Video hosting:

    Step 1: Uploading to host site(s)

    When you go to TinyPic this is the first page that pops up. Notice the yellow highlighted button “Choose File”. Click that

    Step 1.1:

    Now select the desired image you want to upload and click “Open”

    Step 1.2:

    Notice the yellow highlighted text box named “Direct Link for Layouts” copy that entire address in the text box

    Step 1.3:

    On the MNKFA forum click the button that I have so artistically drawn arrows to

    Notice the new textbox that appears after you click the image icon, paste the link you copied from TinyPic and click “Apply Image”

    Once you click “Apply Image” you will something like this in your post, this is normal, once you post your message it will show the image to everyone.

    The End for Image Posting!

    Step 2: Posting Video

    Posting YouTube video is pretty much the same as posting an image except you’re using YouTube in which you will need an account. You can post video to TinyPic but I would recommend using YouTube, it does a much better job streaming and higher quality.

    Once you register (if needed) this is your personalized page on YouTube. In the upper right corner of the browser you will see the button labeled “Upload”, I highlighted it. Click that

    Step 2.1
    Once you click “Upload” another page is displayed that has a drop down menu, select “Public” then click the big red up arrow.

    Step 2.2
    You will now see a window where you choose the video you wish to share, select it and click “Open”.

    Step 2.3
    Once you click “Open” the browser will display this page showing you the progress of your upload. DO NOT CLOSE YOUR BROWSER OR LEAVE THIS PAGE OR YOU WILL HAVE TO START ALL OVER! Go get some coffee, make some rigs, etc.. while it uploads and processes your video, depending on the size video and your connection speed this may take some time.

    Step 2.4
    Once the video is done uploading and processing you might want to watch it to make sure everything is okay before sharing. If everything is okay, then click the “Share” link under your video, it will show you a link to share your vid. Copy that link.

    Step 2.5
    On MNKFA in the forum you desire click the YouTube icon and paste the link you copied in the previous step and click “Apply Link”. It will apply the video to your post once you are finished.

    That’s it. Looks like a lot but it really isn’t.

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    Hi Matt, thanks for posting this again. Do you know if a picture in a shared folder on Google Drive will work? I tried it in a post the other day and it just put an icon in the post, but if you click on the icon it then opens the picture. I can start using a photo service if needed, but it would be easier to to use a cloud storage service and share a folder or file. Is it possible to use a picture from a cloud service like Drive, or Dropbox, etc., as that is where I store pictures for backup?

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    Matt McCandless

    wow stu I am sorry I never noticed you replied on here. On google and whatnot you have to have them as public as far as I know to share them. I have not used those services yet for posting to forums.

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    I tried it twice from google, and it just posted an icon. If you clicked on the icon, it then brought up the pic. I setup and account with photobucket and that works fine.

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    Matt McCandless

    Okay. For some reason I do not get email notifications from stickied thread. Odd.

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    Just trying to see how this works

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      [quote quote=3990]Just trying to see how this works [/quote]
      Great picture Rasp!!! :))

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    Did ya catch anything that day?

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    Sorry, I didn’t notice your post. That day was one long paddle. When I took that photo I was five miles into Namakan and as it turned out, less than half way to the campsite I eventually found. I did catch plenty of walleye that week, though.

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    Good! Catcn’ fish is what we’re trying to do!

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    yep, gonna catch a lot more at Rainy this fall, though.

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    Rainy lake is gonna be a BLAST! Look forward to fishn’ with ya…not sure if I’ve met you or not…did you fish that tourney with us on Independence lake in October? If not we will fish together soon enough. 4 more months…4 more months…4 more months… 😉

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    Rainy is going to be FUN! Matt, you and I will figure why you’re not getting the forum post notices. Gonna be a busy fun season!

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    Matt, are you checking the box at the bottom of the page that asks if you want to get notifications of follow up posts?…well, I guess this is to Ron since he’s not getting them 😉

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    Hey J, Matt has a special level of access in the forum. He should be getting all posts as the moderator. I will work with him to square this away. Thanks!

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    Matt McCandless

    yea thats weird guys I have not been getting the post notifications lol. I am now though, thanks Ron

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