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    This first one is for boat permits.

    This is the one for the fishing licenses. This shows prices for all of there licenses resident and non resident.

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    According to the MN boating guide 2014, a boat not from the US and not kept in Minnesota more than 90 does not need licencing.

    Can you explain why a Canandian down for the weekend with a Kayak would get a $25 fine for not having a Kayak license? Sounds like he got hosed… lol

    2. Watercraft from a country other than the
    United States and not kept in Minnesota for
    more than 90 consecutive days

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    Hey Haunted Yards, I’m not an expert, but the law is odd. 9 foot kayaks don’t need a license. My thinking is “WHAT”? If mine is 10 or 11 I need a license? What sense does that make? We put this information on our site to help members from ND, SD, Iowa and WI if they came to MN for tournaments so they would know what the law is. I certainly don’t understand it.

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    Just thought I would update this… My friend ended up taking my advice and complaining. The courts refunded the money, the officer had to phone and write a letter of apology to him for writing him the ticket. Apparently he’d never seen an out of country kayak before and didn’t know the law. lol

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    I agree…this kakak registration is odd. 10 foot or longer needs a license and my kayak is 10’4″…??? So that extra 4″ just needs to be licensed, eh? Ridiculous.

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    I noticed on my watercraft registration reminder letter from the DNR that those of us who use a trailer will have to complete aquatic invasive species training to get a permit sticker for the trailer. The cost of the training isn’t posted yet. The nasty part is that anyone with a trailer with a watercraft or watercraft related equipment (like docks) needs the sticker – even if they are just passing through.

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    Rob Frisby

    DNR Trailer Info

    Here’s a link to the DNR page they’ll be updating.

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    help me out here since im from wisconsin, i got an kayak thats over 10ft and if i wanted to bring it over to MN for tournaments i get to get it register?

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    Matt McCandless

    I would call the MNDNR, but when I called for another Wisconsin angler last year they stated if you were going to fish in Minnesota waters it WOULD have to be registered. I find it stupid, but I would call and double check, the person I spoke with may have been misunderstanding me.

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