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      Hi all,

      I am both new to kayak fishing and to the metro. I live in the Northwest metro (Maple Grove). I was wondering if you have any tips on how to find lakes that are good for kayak fishing. I went out on Medicine Lake for the opener and it was a zoo and not very conducive to kayaking.

      For my research I have been looking at the DNR website, I downloaded Navionics, and have been just Googling lakes near me (but most comments are about ice fishing and 10 years old). I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to locate a good kayak fishing lake. I target Bass/Northern but really anything that bites. I know this is THE QUESTION everyone probably has and I am not looking for your secret honey holes, but rather tips on how to do my homework to find my own honey hole.

      Any tips would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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      If you have Facebook join us there also. Can be more active then here.
      I’m not from that area but Just a quick look at the DNR lake finder I found a few lake nearby that are not as big as Medicine lake and show decent verities of fish

      Like I said though I have not fished these so not sure what they are like

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      WELCOME! Our facebook page and group has more activity. If you are on facebook, like the page and get in the group. You’ll get info on outings the group is doing. Many of the lakes in the metro area get a lot of power boat and jet ski traffic. If you get out really early in the morning you can get some “quiet” time fishing. The hours in the morning before the wild water scene starts. Most of us like to find non-motorized lakes. Lake Ann in Chanhassen. Lake Harriet in Minneapolis…or any of the Minneapolis city lakes.

      Here is the facebook info:
      Connect online with other kayak anglers!
      First, sign up as a member to use the forum on this website to discuss topics relevant to kayak fishing and get emails from the club.

      If you are on Facebook, you can also follow and connect with MNKFA and other members on facebook. Do BOTH of these things to engage with our entire kayak fishing community. Here’s how:

      If you’re on facebook, like our page to get news from the club here:

      We also have an MNKFA GROUP PAGE. This is separate from the club facebook page. You can freely publish posts on the group page. Go to the group page and ask to join. You will be approved quickly. Make sure you read the rules for the group:

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