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FunkBusters Baits: Hand crafted custom Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, Buzzbaits, Jigs, weighted hooks and much more!

Ron Strauss MN Kayak Angler, "The Gator Guy"

By Ron Strauss, President of MNKFA

What I Like Best About FunkBuster Baits

Spinners and chatterbaits are my favorites. BIG PIKE like them a lot too, but pike strikes can mangle, bend and destroy a lure! FunkBuster Baits are durable AND affordable. I stock up on lots of sizes, colors and blade combinations. YOU SHOULD TOO! Here’s why.

Quality Baits At A Weekend Anglers Price!

This is the FunkBuster Baits slogan. To quote Warren Buffet, “price is what you pay…value is what you get”. These baits are a terrific value compared to the price you pay. FunkBuster Baits has been an MNKFA sponsor for years. If there’s one brand of baits that’s in more member’s tackle boxes, it’s FunkBuster Baits, for all the reasons above and below.

What I Use From FunkBuster Baits

Spinner Baits for big pike. I prefer half ounce spinnerbaits. They work well for pike and bass. You don’t need a real heavy rod and reel to throw this size bait. I mostly use a medium heavy rod with a 200 or 300 series bait caster reel. I’ll go up to three quarter ounce baits or down to three eighths size baits during certain conditions based on how aggressive or reluctant the bite is.

If the water is dark or stained, large Colorado blades are my choice. They produce the most thump or push more water than other blade styles. The fish can sense them, even if they can’t see them. If the water is clear, I choose hammered willow blades.

Chatterbaits for pike was my go to bait in the fall of 2021. A fellow MNKFA member pointed me to a wonderful lake packed with eager, biting pike. FunkBuster Baits Wesley Warbirds with a matching plastic trailer was an incredible combination.

A Family And Veteran Owned Business

These are important things to me. These are the types of businesses we need to sustain in America. I support them, you should too. You can learn about the owners by following them on social media. Some of the baits names give homage to family members or historical military machines. It’s fun and they have lots of great giveaways and deals.

Build Your Own Chatterbaits With FunkBuster Baits
Get Your Bait, Your Way!

This is a cool thing about FunkBuster Baits, you can configure your own bait. Paul Funk is a master at building unique baits based on your input if you want, this is a rare offering in the lure business. For me, the stock offerings are so good, most of the bases are covered. Paul is a professional bait builder, he’s configured the most successful options anglers want. Go to the website, select some of the stock offerings, and find out how good these baits are for the price, you won’t be disappointed!

Here’s What Other MNKFA Members Say About FunkBuster Baits

Allen Donais FunkBuster Baits Pro Staff

Allen Donais, FunkBuster Baits Pro Staff

My favorite FunkBusters Bait and why

I can’t say enough good things about FunkBuster spinnerbaits. They turned me into a spinnerbait believer. Had many days this past summer of 30+ fish. Don’t forget about the warbirds either, they are deadly for Northern Pike.

Brian Madden Kayak Angler

Brian Madden, FunkBuster Baits Pro Staff

My favorite FunkBusters Bait and why

There’s four things I like about Funkbuster spinner baits.  First, they are extremely affordable.  I’ve found some very creative ways to lose baits over the past several years, and with Funkbusters I know I won’t be crying to the bank when I do.  Second, the quality of Funkbusters is top rate.  While I’ve lost many baits, I’ve never succeeded in actually breaking one because they’re so solid.  The third reason is one of my favorites.  I know of no other company that can offer both low prices AND the ability to customize your bait.  I fish a lot of clear lakes in northern Wisconsin, and I was able to order the specific blade type, blade color, skirt color, head shape and size I wanted to catch bass and pike.  Funkbusters is continually innovating along the same lines, trying and releasing new options all the time!  Last, and certainly not least, is they simply catch fish.  I don’t have a ton of baits in my rotation, and Funkbuster spinner baits are a staple of mine.

Leaf Vang Kayak Angler

Leaf Vang, FunkBuster Baits Pro Staff

My favorite FunkBusters Bait and why

My all time favorite Funk Buster Bait is the Wesley Warbird Series in the black/blue color combo. It has caught me numerous northern pikes, many tournament bass and even my personal best, 26+ inches, walleye out of a Minnesota Metro Lake! My Ketch board is 26”, and the walleye went another 3 inches or so. The blades makes so much vibration, cutting through the water column, that attracts predatory fishes.

Funk Buster Baits brings a ton of value and high quality made baits to the angling world, that everyone should have as part of their arsenal, whether you’re an tournament angler or an pleasure angler.

Grampa Bob Brown

Grampa Bob, FunkBuster Baits Pro Staff

My favorite FunkBusters Bait and why

I use FunkBuster exclusively. Quality is as good as any manufacturer out there and price is better. They are a veteran owned small business, always a plus for me. For pike fishing I prefer the Wesley Warbird 1.0 in Black with red or orange. Big pike, get the bigger size. I usually pair it with a paddletail hooked upside down. For more pike get a medium size. For bass I like a spinner with 2 blades. Color will vary with conditions.

FunkBuster Baits Logo

Learn More About FunkBuster Baits

Hand crafted custom Spinnerbaits, Chatterbaits, Buzzbaits, Jigs, weighted hooks and much more!

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