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Omnia Fishing Website, Online Fishing Store
Ron Strauss, MNKFA President

By Ron Strauss
President of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association

Omnia Fishing is your one-stop-shop for smart fishing gear online

Want to land more fish? Who doesn’t! Prior to the internet and social media, anglers relied on bait shops and friends to recommend lakes and rivers to fish and what tackle / bait to use. Omnia Fishing has changed all that and has moved this process online and made it better!

An educational resource for anglers, a community of knowledge, plus awesome fishing gear!

I must admit, when I first heard about what Omnia Fishing was going to do, it seemed like a difficult undertaking. By helping customers catch more fish, they become more engaged in fishing, have more fun, want to do more fishing and ultimately purchase more fishing gear! The strategy puts angler success as job number one. If you want customers to buy, they need to be happy and successful.

How does Omnia Fishing help anglers catch more fish?

They’ve created a website that’s jam packed with features and benefits than we can all enjoy, use and contribute to as a resource. They’re dedicated to educating and helping anglers catch more fish, not just selling products. Here’s how they help you catch more fish.

  • Shop-by-lake, track lakes you fish
  • Lake reports from fellow anglers
  • The best industry news from product and angling professionals
  • Wide selection of the top brands
  • Responsive customer service, live chat assistance
  • Fast, shipping, order history, email alerts and wish lists
  • Premium memberships

Shop by lake, track lakes you fish

Different lakes and rivers have different conditions. Knowing what baits works best in those conditions during different seasons is key to having success on the water. The Omnia Fishing website has lake data and recommendations you can use to improve results when you try new spots.

One of my favorite spots on the website is picking my favorite lakes. If I fish a new lake, I can save it in my account as a favorite. I can also submit a lake report on what worked for me on the outing. I have a long list of lakes I’ve fished, then added in my account on the Omnia website. I can submit a lake report on the lake and share what worked. When I’m deciding where to fish, I can refer to my lakes list, how I did and decide what lake fits my time frame or targeted species. It can be your fishing journal, it’s lots of FUN!

Lake reports

It’s a classic question anglers ask each other, “how’d you do”. You can search for lakes on the website and there’s a good chance someone has fished it and posted a lake report. Knowing what works reduces trial and error and drastically increases success.

Omnia Fishing FacebookThe best industry news from professional product and angling experts

Omnia Fishing uses every communication channel to make sure you get the latest information on what’s new and happening in the fishing industry. It’s delivered by real professionals that make their living in the fishing industry. It’s delivered via articles, emails, videos, live social media streaming and more. It’s my favorite way to learn more about fishing. I rarely miss these things, it increases my knowledge and success on the water. Make sure you subscribe to their social media (links at the bottom of this page) to get professional news and tips.

Wide selection of the top fishing brands

Have it your way! We all become fans of different brands for various reasons. Omnia Fishing carries all the top brands and knows the difference between various models and what works best for your needs. I really suggest you follow them on social media, subscribe their e-news and more to learn the latest stuff from real professionals on best new gear available!

Responsive customer service, live chat assistance

We’ve all been frustrated by the lack of customer service some companies deliver. Not Omnia Fishing, in keeping with their customer first focus, when you need help with something, you’ll get attention from a friendly, helpful expert. Live chat on the website is a great way to get advice, ask questions in real time.

Fast shipping, order history, email alerts and wish lists

The only thing better than getting a bait hammered and destroyed while fishing is getting that bait replaced quickly when you need to. My orders get to me quickly so I’m ready to do battle with fish again soon. You can also look up your order history. For me, I can find that weight, color and style of Z-Man chatterbait after many monster pike have beat it up and order the same one again by referencing my order history, I LOVE THAT!

If an item you want is out of stock, simply click the email alerts link and you’ll get a notice when it’s ready for you to order. Wish lists are one of my favorite new things on the website. It makes it easy for me to share exactly what I want with my wife and family. It makes it easy for them to get me the gear they know I’ll love. I also use wish lists as a reminder to myself about new gear I’m interested in. I watch videos and live social media sessions from the pros at Omnia Fishing. When I learn about something I’m interested in, I add it to my wish list. It’s an easy way to create a go-to place for stuff you want to check out.

Premium membership

Get free shipping and cash back credit on purchases. You know you’re gonna buy more stuff! Go premium. It’s good fun to watch your credit balance build. I order frequently year round, free shipping makes it easy.

Omnia Fishing is your one-stop-shop for everything fishing!

Definition of Omnia:  prepared in all thingsready for anything. Omnia is a latin phrase that describes what Omnia can do for you. Your time on the water is precious. The better prepared and geared up you are, the more successful and happier you’ll be. There’s a lot of great stuff on the Omnia website, get started now, you’ll be glad you did.

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