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2021 Omnia Fishing Online Bass Tournament Championship

2021 Omnia Fishing Online Bass Tournament Series Championship

The award goes to the person who racks up the most points in the 2021 June, July and August Omnia Fishing Online Bass Tournaments

Who’s eligible?
Anyone who is officially signed up for an Omnia Fishing Online Bass Tournament in the months of June, July and August.

How does scoring work?
Each month is a separate tournament. At the end of each month, prize money will be paid out depending on the number of signups. At the end of each month, you’ll have a final monthly score. That score will be your score for the month towards this award.

Participating in all 3 months increases your odds of winning
Look at the mockup scoreboard below. Names are fictitious. Only a sample to show how scoring will work. Only the score for June and total is shown. Each monthly tournament is a 5 best bass (largemouth and smallmouth) that will be scored on Tourney X. Your final score (inches) from each monthly tournament counts towards your final series score. Only the current top 5 to 10 leaders will be shown on the scoreboard. Those spots will be updated each month.

Big Bobby Bass95"0095
Mr. Good Stick25"0025
Mr. Texas Rig78"0078
Whopper Plopper100"00100
Mr. Wacky35"0035

***These rules are preliminary***
MNKFA reserves the right change any details at any time.

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