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Nam N. Wins The Biggest Bass 9 Day Opener Tournament

Check out the video below of the BIGGEST BASS entry from this tournament.

See the entries below

You can view a larger image of the entry photos in the right hand column by clicking on the photo. That will open a new window with the larger image.

Biggest Bass Kayak Fishing Award

Nam Nguyen – 21.0 Inches

Here’s my first bass entry for the contest. I caught this big largemouth at Thole Lake near Shakopee. The bass slammed my topwater popper. We measured the fish and it was just a tad over 21″. Gary caught a few smaller bass but he’s waiting for one over 20 inches to submit. We fished Lake Ann on Sunday and caught a few there too.

Click here to see a photo of Nam with this Bass (opens in a new window)

 Nam Nguyen LM-Bass-21Inches

Jay Suhsen – 20.875 Inches

From Jay: Hopefully you can tell that this is the right verification image. It’ s very unfortunate that it slipped down with all the thrashing around. From Ron Strauss: Tony is the Tournament Director and will make the call on this. My opinion is you have enough of the unique image in the photo to assure me it is original. From Tony: this entry is accepted.

Entry #1 19.5″. It’s great to be back on the river again!
Click here to see a photo of this Bass (opens in a new window)

Jay Suhsen 20.875 Inches Bass

Gary Engel – 20.75 Inches

The bite in the morning was slow but we did really well late this afternoon. Attached are a few photos. We pinched the mouth together and it looks like around 20.75″ or so.

Click here to see a photo of Gary with this Bass (opens in a new window)

 Gary Engel 20.75 Inch Bass

Dylan Sande – 20.0 Inches

Dylan Sande’s bass, 20 inches caught on wacky rigged worm.


Eric Paulson – 19.5 Inches

Entry #2: 19.5″ Hit a pumkinseed colored spinner bait near some wood cover on a hard bottom point.

Click here to see a photo of Eric with this Bass (opens in a new window)

Entry #1: Eric had this one in the boat within 15 minutes of starting opening morning. Never beat it the rest of the day. Nice 17 5/8″.

Click here to see a photo of this Bass

Eric Paulson 19.5 Inch Bass

Matthew Nyquist – 17.5 Inches

Not sure if I’ll get out again this weekend so wanted to get this in now (heading to Canada this week for my annual Walleye trip). I don’t think 17.5″ will do it, but worth a shot! Thanks again for getting all this set up. The association tournaments have been awesome.

 Matthew Nyquist 17.5 Inch Bass 2014

Aaron Deringer – 16.75 Inches

16.75″. I’m still looking for a big one.

 Aaron Deringer 16.75 Inch Bass 2014

Mitch Paulson – 16.25 Inches

Hopefully I can send you picture of a bigger one soon.  This is a pretty cool competition!  Thanks for your work to get it going!!


Justin J. Icelogger – 13.5 Inches

19.5″. It’s great to be back on the river again!

JustinJ. Icelogger 13.5 Inch Bass

For reference, here’s a link to the rules page:

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