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Heavy hoodie with MNKFA logo, how cool is this!MNKFA Red Hoodies

It’s simple, it’s plaid and it screams MINNESOTA KAYAK FISHING!

There’s no shipping included in the cost shown. We plan on getting an order of 51 hoodies complete and place an order.

The hoodies will take 4 to 6 weeks to produce and be delivered to our office in St. Paul, MN.

If you are in the metro area, we can arrange a meeting to deliver your hoodie. If you are entered in the Vibe or Chris Nelson tournaments, we can bring your hoodie(s) to the event. Once the hoodies come in, we’ll email everyone who has ordered a hoodie to ask how you want it (them) delivered.

You can order a hoodie and then pay for delivery once they come in.

You can order multiple hoodies at different sizes if you like. Add an item to the cart. View the cart and click the “Continue Shopping” link to come back to this page and order another size.

If you have any problems ordering, email me at:
Or message me. Thank you for supporting MNKFA!


We are ordering some extras, watch our Facebook page for announcement of any extras that may be for sale.

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