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Rigging your fishing kayak

Kayak Rigging 101

Tony H. Fishing Kayak

Once you’ve made the decision on your new boat, the first thing that’s probably on your mind is “I can’t wait to pimp this thing out.” Well, yes that is an incredibly fun part of our sport and hobby. However, I would advise that before you drill a single hole you take that new kayak out and fish out of it several times before adding anything. It may be hard to resist, but nothing is worse than adding 6 gear tracks and a bunch of camera mounts only to realize they get in the way of your rod, arms, hands, or legs. Maybe you don’t want that Humminbird directly in front of you, but instead off to the side. Perhaps, you don’t need 12 rod holders, but 3 will suffice. While you’re on the water with a naked craft, be sure to swing you entire body around both to the left and right to get a feel for how much clearance you’ll need for full movement. Take long and wide paddle strokes and watch to see where your paddle comes out of the water. You’ll want to make sure that nothing placed in the rear tank well will interfere with your paddle stroke.

Spend a full day or two with just a couple rod and reels to better understand where you tend to set your rod down, where you like to stage unused tackle and gear, and how much room you need to change rigs. Once you’ve determined your particular style, the fun begins. Don’t go big right away, but start small. Perhaps, just get your milk crate, JKrate, or Hobie H Crate together with a couple items. Maybe add a single rod holder or two. DON’T go straight to full rigging. Perhaps, you don’t actually NEED an anchor trolley system, or rudder for your particular style. Maybe you only like to have two rod and reel combos. Are you absolutely positive you want neon lights with auxiliary battery power? Perhaps, you’re a traditionalist and don’t need a $500.00 down imaging, high definition fish finder. Go slow and methodical. Add a piece or two at a time and enjoy the process for what it is.

Many members of the MNKFA have special pride in the DIY attitude of kayak customization. I’ve seen some amazing milk crates done for pennies on the dollar. A plastic crate, PVC rod holders, custom lighting and camera mounts, can all be done in one’s garage with a little elbow grease and ingenuity. One doesn’t need to break the bank to have a fully-rigged and functional fishing machine. That’s not to say that there isn’t amazing product in the rigging market. There is also something to be said for the strength and durability of store bought kayak fishing specific crates and after market rigging supplies. Companies such as YakAttack, RAM, and Scotty all make fantastic and user friendly items that will most likely end up on your vessel and some point during the process. Here are some links you may find useful…

As exciting as rigging is, don’t move too quickly. Start small, find what YOU need and what best contributes to your success on the water. Tight Lines my friends…

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