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Dear Sporting Goods Retailer, Manufacturers And Others,

Kayak fishing is exploding in popularity in Minnesota and surrounding states. The sport has long been established on the U.S. coasts and is now enjoying popular growth in the interior of the country.

My name is Ron Strauss, President of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association.  Currently, (November, 2020) we have 2393 members registered on this website and over 5000 facebook likes / followers. We project robust growth in the next few years. These numbers support the premise that the popularity of kayak fishing is growing in the upper Midwest.

The Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association’s mission is to grow the sport and facilitate a way for kayak anglers to share information, meet each other and have fun! Our members are KAYAK FISHING ENTHUSIASTS. They purchase the products and services you sell…and they purchase them frequently.

Support our cause to grow the sport of kayak fishing!

Our association is non-profit. All funds raised go into operating the club. All donated products are distributed to members via raffles or prizes for our tournaments. Our articles of incorporation are on our website and support this claim (click here for our articles of incorporation). We need sponsors to financially support our mission. If you can support us with sponsorship we will promote your company on our website, forums, social media, email and at events to our audience.

Check out these web and social media links from our club!

Our Facebook:

A group of us filming a segment for North Dakota Outdoors:

Catching a couple feisty Northern Pike from a kayak: watch this video

Press coverage by the Star Tribune: Angling by kayak has struck a sweet spot in Minnesota fishing

Caught this deer on video while kayak fishing: watch this unexpected video action

Article in Midwest Hunt & Fish Magazine: 7 Reasons Kayak Fishing is Growing in Popularity


Please email or call me to discuss how our club and your company can work together to grow kayak fishing in Minnesota and the upper Midwest. We’re committed to growing the sport and the FUN that goes with it!

For sponsorship information, click here.

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