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Man Kayak Bass Fishing

Join The Biggest And Best Kayak Fishing Club In Minnesota

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Have fun sharing information and meeting other Minnesota kayak anglers.

If you’re a beginner, you’ll advance and learn about Minnesota kayak fishing quicker by being part of our club. You’ll get reviews on equipment, fishing hot spots, bait, lures, species specific tips and tournaments. As kayak fishing enthusiasts we enjoy unique differences that set us apart from other anglers. We use a niche type of boat that is powered by human energy. We experience the water and fish we catch in a very close, intimate way. We go to fishing spots that others cannot since our boats are more portable and able to get in to skinny water conditions. Our fishing experience is unique due to the class of boats we use.

You can join our club…AND IT’S FREE!

Doesn’t matter what type of fish you target, what brand of kayak you use, if you like competing in kayak bass fishing tournaments or just like casual get togethers. Our group is welcoming and friendly. Participate in our social media to get exclusive member deals, news from MNKFA and expert advice on kayak bass fishing. It’s free, no fees before you even start to participate and no fees to signup for tournaments and events. Just signup and start being part of our kayak fishing club!

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You can publish photos, videos, posts, questions, notices and more on the group page. Go to the group page and ask to join. Make sure you read the rules for the group:

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Calendar Of Events

Tournaments, trips and get togethers. Lots of FUN stuff planned this year. Check out what’s happening.

Kayak Fishing Info

Learn about strategies, tactics, tips, destinations and more. Information from local experts on everything kayak fishing.

Kayak Fishing Webinar with the Minnesota DNR

By Ron Strauss. I was given the opportunity to develop a presentation on kayak fishing basics and present it via the Minnesota Department Of Natural Resources outreach program. The presentation and question and answer session is about an hour long. You can watch the recording below.

Beginner Kayak Fishing Class

Beginner Kayak Fishing Class

Instructor Ron Strauss, is the founder and President of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association. He’s been kayak fishing for over 15 years and has over 20 years experience marketing fishing kayaks. The beginner kayak fishing class can be presented two ways. The first option is via an online Zoom call. The second option is to meet at a local lake, Ron will present the class, then you’ll get on the water and fish from a kayak. The class is an awesome way for beginners to learn all the basics of kayak fishing. This course is free for MNKFA members. The at the lake class is limited to the metro MN area and scheduling availability. Tap the link below for more information and to signup. Complete the form and mention MNKFA.


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