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Ron Strauss In Fishing Kayak

Is Buying A Fishing Kayak Worth It?

By Ron Strauss, President Of The Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association with input from members of MNKFA

People considering getting into kayak fishing have lots of questions. Is it safe? Aren’t kayaks really tippy? What’s the difference between an entry-level kayak and the more expensive models? How do I transport a kayak without a trailer?

Some advice on determining if a fishing kayak is worth it for you

Demo lots of models on the water, most dealers do this. You’ll learn the difference between models, sizes, types of propulsion, stability and what’s best for you. In the seat, on the water experience is the best way for you to understand what different kayaks offer and which is best for you.

If you plan on transporting your kayak on the top of your vehicle, consider the weight and effort needed to load and unload your kayak. Chances are there will be a time when you will need to do this alone.

Join a kayak fishing group on social media or in forums. Ask questions, the kayak fishing community is friendly and helpful. Here’s a link to our group: MN Kayak Fishing Association Facebook Group

Don’t worry about getting everything perfect right away. Once you have a kayak, take your time and think about where you want things and what things you will need for the type of fishing you’ll be doing. I change how my kayak is rigged to some extent every year. It’s FUN!

I asked members of our kayak fishing group to comment if buying a fishing kayak was worth it.

Read what these kayak anglers say about the value they get from owning a fishing kayak

Thomas Kayak Fishing

It is absolutely worth it to buy a kayak for fishing.

I was a shore fisherman most of my fishing career. I wanted to step up my fishing game, but boats were too expensive. I was able to get a kayak and outfit it with enough essentials for an affordable cost. Since then my fishing abilities have soared in comparison to dock and bank fishing.

Thomas S.

Bob Lackner Kayak Fishing

I think buying a kayak is well worth the investment.

Sometimes you just don’t want to deal with the boat launch and other times you just want to escape the hustle and bustle of life.

Bob L.

Diane Kayak Fishing

Kayak fishing is an amazing way to fish, get into places bigger boats don’t or can’t go.

Enjoy the peace and quiet, enjoy nature, see more of what nature has to offer. Go to small bodies of water that are not heavily fished and fish are not over-pressured. I love small lakes and getting to their nooks and crannies with my angling kayak, wind isn’t a big factor, the fishing can be amazing and you are not limited to a small area of the lake like you might be if shore fishing.

Diane B.

Douglas G. Kayak Fishing

I have been fishing for 5 decades using many methods; shore, from a boat, on a tube, fly fishing, ice fishing, saltwater, off a flat bottom boat and river jet boats.

None of them has been more flexible and enjoyable than fishing from a Kayak. Being able to get just about anywhere you want, and lots of places that others can’t. Getting my Kayak a few years back is the single biggest motivator to get out and exercise while doing something I love. So YES… it is worth buying a kayak!

Douglas G.

Tom Kayak Fishing

Most people are introduced to fishing by doing it from the shore.

If you enjoy this and want to take it to the next level, a kayak is a cheap means of doing it. When fishing from the shore, you may have access to 5% of a lake. In a kayak, you have access to 100% of the lake! If budgets are tight, you could go from the shore to a kayak with an initial investment of around $400 (kayak, paddle, PFD). I’ve found that fishing from the kayak opens up worlds of opportunities to enjoy the sport and (an extra bonus!) explore the bodies of water in my region.

Tom K.

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