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College Of Pike Fishing Knowledge

What is The College Of Pike Fishing Knowledge?

It’s my effort to learn about and share information about Northern Pike, Musky and Tiger Musky so I can become better at understanding them and catching them. I’ll break the topic into outlined chapters and edit the information over time.

Who’s contributing to this?

MNKFA members, visual artists, guides, professional anglers, product experts and more. I’ll seek out subject matter experts and interview them. If you’re interested in contributing, email me:

Why you want to follow the college of pike fishing knowledge?

It will help you improve your results when pike fishing. We’ll share facts and opinions and drive discussion on a specific fishing topic, pike and musky fishing. Bottom line is I just want to have some FUN learning and sharing information on a topic I love and I love to have you contribute.


We’ll be creating podcasts, videos, blog posts, infographics and more. It will all be shared on MNKFA media and archived on the MNKFA website. We’ll be producing the content at sports shows, on the water, via electronic meetings, on the phone and more.


Year-round. Open water fishing, ice fishing and spear fishing.

Some pike fishing resources

Catch Pike by John Wilson

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