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GOLD SPONSORSHIP ($2000+) Gold level sponsor benefits

Silver Sponsorship ($750-$1999) Silver level sponsor benefits

Bronze sponsorship ($300-$750) Bronze level sponsor benefits

Supporting sponsorship ($100-$299) Supporting level sponsor benefits


  • All sponsorships are in effect January through December in each calendar year. If you purchase your sponsorship in March, it still terminates December 31 of the current calendar year.
  • Sponsorships are weighted. Any products given as donations are valued by the products MSRP. For example, a sponsor at the Silver level who donates $1500.00 of goods will be given more preference than a silver sponsor who donates $1200.00 in goods. Actual value of product will be determined by MNKFA board.
  • Custom promotional packages. We’re open to working out any type of individual promotion you want to propose. Please contact us with any ideas you have!


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