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Ron Strauss In His Hobie Fishing Kayak

Minnesota has over 10,000 lakes, and many rivers, that’s a lot of fishing spots to figure out!

You’ve got time to go fish…but where and what to use for bait? It’s an important question and weighs heavy on how successful your outing will be. Kayak anglers prefer waters that let them take advantage of what makes fishing from a kayak unique. In a kayak you can get to and fish waters the power boats can’t. You can get through super shallow areas that lead to other waters that can’t be driven to, secluded waters that only small watercraft can get to. So how do you find the best lakes and rivers to fish? Read on.

Kayak anglers are good about sharing what works, when and where

There’s a lot of variables in fishing. That’s what makes it fun. Figure out the pattern and the bite and it’s on! Fail to figure out what the fish want and it can get frustrating. The frustrating days drive dedicated anglers back out in search of those days when the bite’s on! Anglers never stop learning and the fishing industry never stops changing and innovating. I’m gonna share a couple tips on how to learn about the best kayak fishing spots and stay on top of what lures and techniques are working.

Join the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association Facebook Group

It’s a community of the best kayak anglers in Minnesota. You can ask questions. Share what’s working for you. Learn about the best lakes and rivers for kayak fishing and attend meetups at kayak fishing hot spots. It’s a great community to learn what others recommend for gear and tackle also. Best of all, it’s about fun. You’ll meet the best kayak anglers with a sense of humor who love the sport and push themselves to excel.

Omnia Fishing Lake Reports from MNKFA Ambassadors

Omnia Fishing is a great place to learn from other MNKFA members what’s biting, where and how to fish specific lakes and rivers. MNKFA has a community on their website. Join the community and follow other members. Opt-in to email reports and you’ll get some amazing reports and recommendations on fishing hot spots. PLUS, you can become an Ambassador and submit lake reports and if people use your report to make a purchase, you’ll earn rewards you can redeem towards purchases. It’s lots of fun. Omnia Fishing is focused on helping anglers learn and improve fishing results. Set up an account on their website. Join the MNKFA community. Follow MNKFA Ambassadors. Become an Omnia Fishing Ambassador, submit lake reports. It’s all a ton of fun…and you’ll become a better kayak angler!

Ron Strauss Best Kayak Angler

Ron Strauss, President And Founder, Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association

I invite you to join our Facebook Group, follow MNKFA Ambassadors and follow my Ambassador page on Omnia Fishing. We’ll all learn together, become better anglers and have fun doing it!

Leaf Vang Kayak Fishing

Leaf Vang

YouTube and TikTok content creator. I spend at least 3-5 days a week in the outdoors. Spend it on overlanding trips, fishing, kayak fishing, fly fishing and/or exploring what Mother Earth has given us to explore.

Kirk Whiting Kayak Angler

Kirk Whiting

Born and spent most of my life in Minnesota. Love to fish, hunt and photography. Spend as much time as possible in my kayak on the water enjoying nature. Compete in local kayak fishing tournaments, but most of all just enjoy the relaxation it brings

Mitch Bradshaw Kayak Angler

Mitch Bradshaw

I love to chase about any species that swims but most of my open water season is spent in my kayak or a boat chasing Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass.

Tim Erickson Kayak Angler

Tim Erickson

Back in the day I loved fishing with grandfather. Today I love fishing with my grandchildren. If I can help someone catch fish, I hold nothing back and that means sharing my favorite lakes with anyone who wants to join me. Always looking for a fishing friend but there is a catch. You need your own kayak.

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