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Acceptable use of Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association Media Policy

Definition: media is any property owned or controlled by MNKFA. This includes print media, our website and any and all social media properties. Including but not limited to You Tube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and any other current or future mediums.

Investment: Board members have paid with countless hours of donated labor to build our media. Sponsors have entrusted MNKFA with monetary support. It is our duty to not let non-paying entities use our media to their advantage or promotional use at no cost. This would be a slap in the face to our sponsors and risk them seeing no value in paying for what we offer. Over the years MNKFA has invested hard earned proceeds to grow membership and social media followers. We have invested real dollars and time to get where we are at. We have diligently focused on getting real kayak fishing enthusiasts. Not just numbers of disengaged people to inflate our numbers.

MNKFA media policy: All MNKFA media exists for the promotion of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association and paying sponsors of MNKFA ONLY.  No other commercial messages are allowed.

Exceptions: With a majority vote of the existing board and special circumstances the board can choose to promote exceptions. Charitable interests is an example.

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