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The MNKFA board of directors is run by member volunteers. Our officers are not paid in cash or in any way for the time and effort they donate to the club. As a token of the association’s appreciation for their dedication the President may give board members or volunteers a nominal gift to show our gratitude for the many hours they donate to this club. Below is a list of our currently appointed volunteer officers and official team members. Interested in helping or volunteering to run MNKFA, LEARN MORE.

MNKFA Board of Directors

Ron Strauss Kayak Pike

Ron Strauss
President /

MNKFA Board Member Grant Carston

Grant Carston
Vice President /
Sponsorship Director


Anthony Heimkes
Secretary /
Tournament Director

MNKFA Active Volunteers

KP Kayak Bass

KP Enderle
Sponsorship Director

Dwayne K. MNKFA

Dwayne Kuhns
Event Team

MNKFA Member Volunteers

Bob Lackner | Wayne Smith | Bob Kelli Brown | David Mikkelson | Wayne Filmalter
Todd Lewison | Kirk Whiting | Robert Duane Brown | Josh Engelmann | Luke Fischer

03/03/2016 Board Meeting Minutes

Online board election results minutes
Spreadsheet of board election results by voter
2016 Sponsor donation information

2015 Information
2015 tax information

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