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2013 Hobie Pro Angler 12 Fishing Kayak
2013 Hobie Pro Angler 12 Fishing Kayak

In-depth Hobie Pro Angler Kayak review: gear up for unforgettable fishing adventures!

In 2013 I purchased a Hobie Pro Angler 12 kayak (shown above). It was a wonderful fishing kayak that provided hours and hours of fun and adventures on the water. In 2021 I upgraded to a Hobie Pro Anger 14 with the 360 drive. This in-depth review will delve into the features that make these pedal powered fishing kayaks a top choice for me. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a beginner, the Hobie Pro Angler fishing kayak will elevate your fishing experience to new heights.

2021 Hobie Pro Angler 14 360 Drive
2021 Hobie Pro Angler 14 360 Drive

Key features and specifications of the Hobie Pro Angler Kayak

Hobie Pro Angler kayaks are packed with features that make them stand out from the competition. One of the key features of this kayak is its MirageDrive pedal system, which allows for hands-free propulsion. This innovative system utilizes underwater flippers to propel the kayak forward, leaving your hands free to focus on fishing. The MirageDrive system is easy to use and provides efficient and effortless propulsion. My original Pro Angler 12 from 2013 had a drive that only propelled me forward. My upgraded 2021 PA 14 360 drive allows me to move forward, backward and side ways in any direction. It’s the ultimate in boat control when I’m fishing!

Hobie H-Rail Mounted FIsh Finder And Mini Tackle Bin

Another notable feature of the newer Hobie Pro Angler kayak is its H-Rail system. This system allows me to easily customize the kayak’s deck layout, giving me the ability to mount additional Hobie kayak fishing accessories such as fish finders, tackle bins, drink holder, camera mounts, rod holders and more. The H-Rail system is compatible with a wide range of accessories, making it easy to personalize my fishing setup. In the photo, you can see I have a fish finder, camera mounts and tackle bins on my H-Rails. Everything is easily accessible.

Hobie H-Crate

In terms of storage, all Hobie Pro Angler kayaks have ample space to accommodate all my fishing gear. They feature multiple storage compartments, including a large front hatch, side pockets and rear cargo area. In the photo, you can see my rear cargo area has a Hobie H-Crate with extra tackle bins, plus it holds 4 rods. These storage options provide easy access to my equipment while keeping it secure and organized.

The Hobie Pro Angler kayak is also equipped with a comfortable and adjustable seating system. The Vantage CT seat provides excellent back support and can be easily adjusted to fit your preferences. The high seating position allows for better visibility and casting accuracy, while the breathable mesh fabric keeps you cool and comfortable during long fishing sessions.

Pros and cons of using the Hobie Pro Angler Kayak

One of the biggest advantages of the Hobie Pro Angler kayak is its stability. Thanks to its wide hull design, this kayak provides excellent stability, even in choppy waters. This stability is crucial when standing up to cast or reel in a big catch, as it gives you a solid and secure platform to work from.

Another pro of the Hobie Pro Angler kayak is its maneuverability. The MirageDrive 360 pedal system allows for precise and effortless maneuvering, making it easy to navigate tight spaces and reach fishing spots. The ability to control the kayak with my feet leaves my hands free to focus on fishing, making it a convenient option for anglers.

On the downside, one of the main drawbacks of the Hobie Pro Angler kayak is its weight

This kayak is a bit heavy, which can make it a bit challenging to transport and launch. However, the weight is a trade-off for the kayak’s stability and durability, so it’s a compromise that I’m willing to make. Another potential con of the Hobie Pro Angler kayak for some is its price. This kayak falls into the higher price range compared to other fishing kayaks on the market. However, when considering the advanced features, durability, and overall quality of the Hobie Pro Angler kayak, I find it to be a worthwhile investment since mine gets used a lot. Its performance and fishing-specific features make it a top choice for serious anglers.

Storage and comfort features of the Hobie Pro Angler Kayak

The Hobie Pro Angler kayak is equipped with ample storage options to accommodate all your fishing gear. The large front hatch provides easy access to the bow storage area, which is perfect for storing extra tackle boxes, clothing, or other essentials. The rear cargo area offers additional storage space for larger items, such as coolers, a crate or other things you want easy access to.

In addition to the storage compartments, the Hobie Pro Angler kayak features built-in horizontal rod holders. Having multiple rod holders allows me to bring along different types of rods and reels pre rigged for different tactics.

The seating system of the Hobie Pro Angler kayak is designed with comfort in mind. The Vantage CT seat provides excellent back support, allowing you to fish for extended periods without discomfort. The seat can be easily adjusted to find the perfect position, and the breathable mesh fabric keeps you cool and comfortable, even on hot summer days. A typical day kayak fishing outing is at least 5 to 8 hours for me, the seat on my Pro Angler is super comfortable.

Where to buy Hobie Pro Angler Kayaks

It’s important to purchase your Hobie Pro Angler kayak from an authorized dealer. If any issues come up, they have experienced repair technicians and can fulfill any warranty claims. They also offer on the water demos so you can try kayaks before you buy. I purchased my Hobie Kayaks at Hi Tempo in White Bear Lake, MN. They’re one of the largest and oldest Hobie dealers in the country. They have a knowledgeable staff who can assist you in choosing the right kayak for your needs.

Is the Hobie Pro Angler Kayak worth the investment?

While the initial investment may be higher than most kayaks, I find that the quality, performance, and fishing-specific features of the Hobie Pro Angler kayak make it worth the price. Especially if you spend lots of time fishing from it.


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