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All entries to our kayak fishing tournaments must follow these requirements.

These rules are subject to change at any time if the tournament director feels additions or alterations are needed to clarify these rules or make things fair for all entrants.

Watch this video for a great explanation from Grant Carston on how to measure your fish

You MUST follow these rule:

Mouth of fish can be open but must touch end of bump board
Tourney tags will be established and are acceptable to use
Your kayak MUST show in submitted pics. ONLY vessels designated as kayaks by the manufacturer as kayaks are allowed in any tournament.
Your butt or feet MUST be in the kayak when you hook the fish, NO wade or shore fishing

Preferred measurement devices:

All measurement tools must have a flat clearly printed ruler with a vertical plane at the zero mark. The mouth of your fish must be butting the vertical plane of the zero mark. See photo below. NO home made measuring devices are accepted.

Hawg Trough for fish up to 30 inches (click here for product sample catalog)
No boards that fold or slide or have any mechanical movement for pics of fish up to 30 inches.

Rapala 60″ Folding Ruler For Big Fish (click here for product sample catalog)
Also allowed for Big Fish, Ketch 60″ measuring board. (click here for product sample catalog)
Can be used for large pike or other fish. Only can be used for fish over 30 inches.

Rules below are updated 03/22/2019

Fish Measuring 2– Fish must be orientated as shown in the photo above. Head of fish facing left. Dorsal fin to the top of the photo. NOTE: the pic above is to show fish orientation in pic. The board is NOT approved. We will get a new pic soon.
– Mouth can be OPEN or CLOSED. Whatever is easy and safe for the fish.
– Lower jaw MUST touch the front bump lip on your board.
– NO mechanical or adjustable boards allowed. (They may be used on fish exceeding 30″ only.)
– ABSOLUTELY NOTHING covering the lips or eyes of the fish
– NO lures, fish grips or stringers may be attached to the fish.
– NO restraint bands, wires or ties of any kind holding the fish to the board. Only your hand may hold the fish in place.
– Tail MUST be touching flat against the board.

– Control image MUST be legible and in the submitted picture.
– You may NOT alter the control image or add any promotional materials. You are only allowed to write what is instructed in the blank sections given to you by the tournament director.
-Photos must be clear not blurry. If the tournament director can’t see the image clearly, it can’t be properly judged and may be disqualified.
– Part of your kayak MUST be in the submitted picture. All tournaments are only open to watercraft designated as a kayak by the vessel manufacturer. No gas or electric powered boats.

– NO team fishing! You MUST be the person who caught and measured the fish. You may have some else hold the camera and take the picture for you.
– ONLY vessels designated as kayaks by the manufacturer are allowed in any tournament.
Your butt or feet MUST be in the kayak when you hook the fish, NO wade or shore fishing


-As part of the signup and check-in process for MNKFA tournaments, we will be inspecting and authorizing all measuring devices prior to launch.  Each entrant will be required to have their measuring device authorized by the tournament directors.  We will be putting an official authorization device on the measuring board, which must be visible in each of the fish submissions.  Failure to have the measuring device authorized will disqualify the entrant from the tournament and may require further action from the board of directors.  Please make sure to have your measuring device ready for inspection during the captains meeting.

– Put a sticker or color the bump lip (vertical plane of measuring board) with a marker. This makes it easy to see the mouth is in contact with the bump lip.
– You may also highlight the measurement lines on the board. This makes easy to read the fish measurement.
– Go to shore if your fish is lively. Get out, lay fish on your floor to take pictures. Take multiple photos every time! Put your fish on fish grips back into the water, then check your photos. Submit a photo that meets the above criteria. Release the fish.


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