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2022 MNKFA News Updates

November, 2021. WOOO-HOOO, it’s on again in 2022! The Hi Tempo, Hobie Fishing Kayaks, Chris Nelson Memorial Kayak Fishing Tournament will be held again in 2022. The winner takes home a Hobie Outback valued at $3,449.00! Details to come, signup expected in January 2022.

10/04/2021. This page has some updates for 2022. We’re working on the 2022 season. We anticipate it will look a lot like what you see below. Make sure you’re on the email list to get early sign-up notice for events and tournaments.

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We’re working on what’s new for 2022 kayak fishing tournaments and  events!

Next year will be the BEST YEAR EVER!

We have a mix of paid and non-paid events throughout the year. NOTE: You MUST be a member of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association to be eligible for our tournaments. You must fish the waters of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa or Wisconsin or the specific waters designated for destination tournaments. All entries will be verified as having a member account. Any entries not associated with an active MNKFA member account will be disqualified.

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Hi Tempo Hobie Fishing Kayak
Vibe Kayaks
Lightning Kayaks
Lake Of The Woods Kayak Pike Fishing


What a great way to start the season! Get on some big fish before the Minnesota opener.

2021 Omnia Fishing Tournament

2022 Omnia Fishing Online Opener Tournament

Fish anywhere in the 5 state area over 9 days. Walleye and Northern Pike are the target species.

2021 Online Kayak Bass Fishing Tournaments

2022 Omnia Fishing June, July, August, September Online Kayak Fishing Bass Tournament

Fish any public waters in MN, WI, IA, SD or ND. Month long smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing tournament.

MNKFA 2021 Kayak Bass Tournament Champion

2022 Omnia Fishing June, July, August Online Bass Tournaments Champion

Add up your final score in these 3 online bass tournaments and win this award.

Vibe Shearwater Fishing Kayak Tournament

2021 Vibe Kayak Fishing Tournament

First place takes home a Vibe Shearwater 125 with X-Drive.

2022 Chris Nelson Memorial Kayak Fishing Tournament

2022 Chris Nelson Memorial Kayak Fishing Bass Tournament

WOOOHOOO!  It’s on again for 2022! First place takes home the most popular fishing kayak on the planet, a Hobie Outback from Hi Tempo!

2021 Lightning Strike Kayak Fishing Tournament

2021 Lightning Strike Kayak Bass Fishing Tournament

First place takes home a premium pedal kayak made right here in Minnesota, The Strike, by Lightning Kayaks!

2021 Vibe Cubera Hybrid Kayak Fishing Tournament

2021 2P3B (2 Pike, 3 Bass) Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak Tournament

Winner takes home this cool new hybrid kayak!

2021 Big Toothy Kayak Fishing Tournament

2021 BIG TOOTHY Kayak Fishing Tournament

A fall classic kayak fishing tournament for pike and musky.

Snoopy Pole Kayak Fishing Tournament

2022 Snoopy Pole Kayak Fishing Tournament

Just for laughs and to raise some money for Make A Wish Minnesota. Format TBD, most likely best 5 bass, smallmouth and largemouth

Redfish Kayak Fishing Trip

2023 Redfish Kayak Fishing Trip

We’re gathering data and information on this exciting trip!

Be sure to see our fish submission requirements page for full details on how to submit kayak bass and pike tournament pictures.

Fish Pic Submission Requirements

To learn more about kayak bass fishing in Minnesota, join our Facebook group.

MNKFA Kayak Bass Fishing Group

Learn more about how kayak fishing tournaments work.

Explanation Of Kayak Fishing Tournaments

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