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LOTW Big Pike Kayak Fishing Adventure

Dates: TBD
Location: Bostic Bay, Lake Of The Woods


Lake of the Woods borders Canada and pike fishing is open year-round. As the bays start to thaw and ice out, Northern Pike move into the bays to spawn. For the last few years, we’ve travelled to Bostic Bay to fish for pike for before the MN fishing season officially opens. The pike fishing action can be OFF THE CHARTS!

Bostic Bay and Bostic Creek are somewhat protected from winds

You can see on the map that the bay is protected on 3 sides. This helps a little if winds are high. Fishing in the creek can also be a bit more protected. These features make an environment that we can fish from our yaks a bit easier in most weather conditions.

There have been some MONSTERS caught!

You’ll have the opportunity to get your personal best Northern Pike. More importantly, you’ll have the opportunity to have a ton of fun with other kayak anglers.

Kayak fishing for HUGE PIKE from a kayak is FUN!

We’ll get more exact dates as the ice season progresses and ice out starts. We watch the Zippel Bay Resort social media to understand what’s happening and we’ll also be listening to members who live up there.

It will be an adventure for sure! We won’t know what the weather will be. One year we were out in T-shirts. Another year, snow-covered everything. Each year is a different mix of people, that makes it fun!

It’s my favorite event of the year. I HOPE YOU CAN MAKE IT!

Here’s my best pike from the LOTW trips.
Ron Strauss, President MNKFA (photo credit to some guy named Todd) 🙂

LOTW Kayak Fishing Pike
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