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Kayak Fisherman Are Passionate About The Sport And The Products They Use!

Dear Potential Sponsor,

Kayak fishing is exploding in popularity in Minnesota and surrounding states. The sport has long been established on all the U.S. coasts and is now enjoying popular growth in the interior of the country.

My name is Ron Strauss, President of the Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association. Three years ago our club had 37 members. As of December 2013, we had 175 members., March, 2015 we had 520 members and as of today November, 2016 we have 1113 members and 2268 facebook likes. These numbers support the premise that the popularity of kayak fishing is growing in the upper Midwest.

The Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association’s goal is to grow the sport and facilitate a way for kayak anglers to share information, meet each other and have fun! Our members are kayak FISHING enthusiasts. They purchase many of the goods you sell…and they purchase them frequently.

How can you help grow the sport of kayak fishing?

You can align your company with us. If you have no-cost bulletin board space in your store(s) please grant your permission to display our member recruiting poster. I will personally deliver this poster and would love to meet you at that time, if possible if you are within 2 hours of the Twin Cities, MN metro area. If you are further away, I would be happy to mail this to you. This is our grass roots effort to expand membership.

How else can you help?

Our association is non-profit. No one is paid and no profit is built. All funds raised go into operating the club or back to our members as prizes at our tournaments. Our articles of incorporation are on our website and support this claim. We need sponsors to financially support our mission. If you can support us with sponsorship we will promote your company on our website, forums, social media and at events / tournaments.

Are we for real?

Yes, check out our website and social media.
Check out some of our member generated content, links below.

Our Facebook:

A member’s YouTube channel:

Another member’s YouTube video:

A group of us filming a segment for North Dakota Outdoors:


Will you please email or call me to discuss how our club and your company can work together to grow kayak fishing in Minnesota and the upper Midwest? We’re committed to growing the sport and the FUN that goes with it!

Thank you for your time, I look forward to connecting!

Ron Strauss

Minnesota Kayak Fishing Association


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